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WP3. Evaluation, Monitoring and Quality Plan Dr. Luis Sobrado 27 th May 2011.

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1 WP3. Evaluation, Monitoring and Quality Plan Dr. Luis Sobrado 27 th May 2011

2 Purpose 2 To assure the quality of the project process and outcomes

3 Project objectives 3 1 Harmonization of higher education (Bachelor, Mgr.) and postgraduate education for career guidance in partner countries, by accepting comparable academic degrees, joint diploma / Diploma Supplement. 2 Securing the transparency of existing national systems of career counsellors (CC) education, to improvement of recognitions of their qualifications, support of international mobility of students and graduates. 3 Improvement of quality in provided higher education, its further internationalisation as well as employment of higher education graduates at domestic and international labour markets.

4 Results of the project 4 1 Integrated study programme covering the cycle of study (Bachelor, Mgr.) with using the credits (ECTS), enabling to obtain the recognised joint diploma/Diploma Supplement. 2 Innovated modular educational programme for postgraduate study for CC using ICT. 3 Professional terminology dictionary developed in languages of all partner countries (DE, EL,EN, ET, ES, HR, PL, SK) along with unified professional terminology in the field of career guidance in EU context.

5 Results of the project 5 4 Criteria of quality evaluation of education for career guidance (with utilization of the ECTS and Diploma Supplement) and proposal of the criteria of quality (in agreement with EU standard quality ESG) to study the programme of higher and postgraduate education of CC. 5 Accreditation of educational programmes.

6 Project impact 6 Enlargement of European area of higher education in the field of career guidance. Improvement of quality of collaboration between institutions of higher education in the EU framework. Increasing the degree of transparency and correspondence between qualifications obtained within the framework of higher education for CC in the EU.

7 Project impact 7 Support of the development and transfer of innovation procedures with the support of ICT in higher education and VET in the field of career guidance among partner countries. Introducing integrated higher education of the CC within the EU context. Increasing the quality and access to higher education and VET for experts specialized in career guidance with regard to EU dimension.

8 What does quality look like 8 It has value at the transnational level It is flexible enough to be adapted within other national and sectorial contexts It has a sustainable legacy.

9 European Commission (EC) Award criteria 1.Quality of the methodology and the work programme. 2.Innovative character. 3.Quality of the consortium. 4.European added value. 5.The cost-benefit ratio. 6.Impact and relevance of the results. 7.Quality of the dissemination and exploitation plan. 9

10 What the EC expects Achieve progress in line with the agreed dates: Progress report by 31.03.2012 Final report by 30.09.2013 10

11 Risk factors 11 Slippages – missing deadlines Breaking linkages (especially the interrelationship between WPs) Changes of personnel Poor collaboration, e.g. not using the web sites to give feedback on draft outputs, lead partners not working together well Lack of/loss of leadership

12 Online external evaluation grid for the pilots 12 Finalise English version by end of May 2013

13 Online external evaluation grid for the pilots – possible structure About you. About the tools: Presentation. Guidance on how to use the tools. Accessibility and usability. Language. Content. 13

14 Internal evaluation questionnaire and methodological approach

15 Purpose To enable partners to give feedback on the project processes. To enable the early identification of problems and difficulties so that solutions can be quickly found. To collect evidence for the final report. 15

16 What does quality look like Project aims understood across the partnership. Roles and responsibilities understood and carried out. Deadlines agreed and kept to. EC financial procedures followed. 16

17 Method – Internal evaluation questionnaire 17 1 Completed in meeting 2 Analysed by USC and short report send at the web site for analyzing and discussion by the partners

18 Internal evaluation questionnaire - sections 1.Project procedures. 2.Work packages. 3.Dissemination and mainstreaming. 4.Tools. 5.Projects added value. 18

19 Internal evaluation report As well as the analysis of the questionnaires, the internal report will also include a report from the USC evaluator. The role of the evaluator is to: Discuss issues raised by the project. Identify what the project has achieved. 19

20 Final external evaluation report The effectiveness of project processes What the project has achieved. Issues raised by the project, e.g. to assist EC policy and future funding priorities. 20

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