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Anantha P. Chandrakasan ISSCC Conference and Executive Committee Chair

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1 Anantha P. Chandrakasan ISSCC Conference and Executive Committee Chair
ISSCC 2013 Review and Plans Anantha P. Chandrakasan ISSCC Conference and Executive Committee Chair August 12, 2013

2 Summary Slide 2013 Date of Conference: February 17-21, 2013
Attendance: 3,036 # of Papers Submitted: 629 # of Papers Accepted: 209 # of Attendees at Sessions: 63.8% Budget: Income: $2,002,000, Expenses: $1,757,000 Actuals: Income: $2,228,000, Expenses: $1,910,000 Surplus: $318,000.00 Ratio of Industry to Academic: North America: 74 (30 Ind., 43 Univ., 1 Institution/Lab) Far East: 84 (33 Ind., 50 Univ., 1 Institution/Lab) Europe: 51 (17 Ind., 22 Univ., 12 Institution/Lab)

3 60th Anniversary Celebrations
ISSCC honor role (recognized at the Plenary) Special 60th anniversary ISSCC gift with 60th logo Special 60th Anniversary Panel entitled “Antiques from the Innovations Attic” 2013 Commemorative Supplement DVD and Special DVD with the 40th, 50th, and 60th booklets in PDF along with the 1 hour video for the 50th, “The Early Pioneers” WiFi for attendees in the ballrooms Editor: Laura Fujino 60th Anniversary Planning Chair: John Trnka

4 Other Attendee Benefits
Starbucks appreciation card and registration discount for SSCS members Continue hotel rebate ($100 rebate if staying at the Marriott Marquis for 3 or more nights) 17 SSCS partial travel awards for students to attend ISSCC ISSCC 2013 Publications At the conference: Digest DVD and digest hardcopy At the conference (trial at 2012): Download of the digest PDF (for tablets, PC, etc.) At the conference (New): download session by session slides (morning for morning session, afternoon for afternoon sessions) After the conference : download Digest and Visuals Supplement until March 15 (login and password mailed to attendees)

5 ISSCC Attendance History
2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 Regular early member fee $655 $695 $640 $595 $550 Maintain registration rate for ISSCC 2014 (SSCS members get a benefit)

6 ISSCC 2013/14 Financial Summary ($k)

7 ISSCC 2014 Overview Location: Marriott Marquis, San Francisco, CA
Dates: February 9 – 13, 2014 Program Chair: Trudy Stetzler Vice-Program Chair: Hoi Jun Yoo 4 Plenary Presentations, Plenary Panel 4 Evening Sessions 6 Forums Short course – Biomedical and Sensor Interface Circuits 10 Tutorials Unified (industry + academic) Demonstration sessions Student Research Preview

8 Technical Program for ISSCC 2014

9 Changes for ISSCC 2014 Eliminate paper advance program – only program flyer (AP will be available on-line in November AND will be available in paper form at the conference) Room rate: $235 vs. $229 (no $100 rebate) $15 credit for no printed digest. No DVD at the conference A download DVD – slides + digest ($20) Virtual ISSCC EC meeting in August 2014 – Webex Technology Directions – move towards more systems papers (solicited a few papers this year). Hope to grow this into a new sub-committee Clicker based paper ratings – ITPC (October) NA networking meeting (October) – to parallel FE/EU Smartphone App

10 IEEE/SSCS Member Audit
Note: 2013 was first year of $40 SSCS credit.

11 Other Topics Strategic area: how to best leverage MOOCs infrastructures for continuing education in circuits Proposal for 2014 is to pick 10 topics (10 minutes each). Organized by ITPC for the attendees and SSCS members Simple Q&A for each module

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