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AIAA Aerospace Sciences Group TC Presentation Aerospace Sciences Conference, New Horizons Forum, and Aerospace Exposition Orlando, FL 4-7 January 2011.

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1 AIAA Aerospace Sciences Group TC Presentation Aerospace Sciences Conference, New Horizons Forum, and Aerospace Exposition Orlando, FL 4-7 January 2011

2 2 Overview Welcome and Introductions Aerospace Sciences Meeting, New Horizons Forum, & Aerospace Exposition Future Sites Issues AIAA-Related Issues TAC-Related Issues Aerospace Science Group-Related Issues TC-Related Issues Reminders Questions/Issues for TAC??

3 3 Welcome and Introductions AIAA staff: Kara (KC) Niedermeyr Betty Guillie Aerospace Sciences Group Deputies

4 4 ASM, NHF & Aerospace Expo Future Sites 2012: Nashville, TN (Gaylord Opryland) 2013: Grapevine, TX (Gaylord Texan) 2014: Potomac, MD (Gaylord National) 2015: Orlando, FL (Gaylord Palms) 2016: San Diego, CA (Manchester Grand Hyatt) 2017: Grapevine, TX (Gaylord Texan) 2018: Orlando, FL (Gaylord Palms)

5 5 ASM, NHF & Aerospace Expo Future Sites (contd) *Note: The 2010 flood damage has been repaired and the hotel is back in business! 2012: Gaylord Opryland, Nashville, TN*

6 6 2014 ASM, NHF, and Expo Meeting Dates Original Meeting Dates: 6-9 January Gaylord Hotels asked if dates could be moved to 13-16 January because of a conflict TAC leadership was canvassed and the response was unanimous: move the meeting! Original thinking was to hold this meeting early in the year to avoid the beginning of the winter term Question: Is it more-desireable to have a week back at work after the holidays before coming to this meeting?

7 7 AIAA-Related Issues Background: TAC annual net and AIAA budget: TAC positive net pays for other institute activities (e.g. Student Programs, Public Policy) Currently only ~four TAC conference with a consistent positive net! AIAA Staff initiatives: Continued effort to reduce Institute costs (Example: Reducing printed material and starting to use recycled material; however, attendees will be able to print customized programs through new system)) TAC leadership initiatives Looking at TAC products and how to improve margin for AIAA –Looking at expenses to see where expenses can be reduced (Example: Food is largest cost for TAC events (61%) and conferences (50%) and A/V is second (14%)) –Enforcing minimum registration fee to cover conference expenses –Encouraging TCs to select affordable meeting locations and hotels TC maximum membership (More on this in a minute….)

8 8 TAC-Related Issues: Workshops Two types Part of conference program (included in conference planning and expenses) Before or after conference (can be included in conference planning and expenses but have not been in many cases) Issue: Financial risk to Institute Please include in conference planning form so workshop expenses can be accounted for ahead of time and meeting space is covered Workshops strongly supported by TAC!!

9 9 ASG-Related Issues: TC Funds ASG is still leaving more than 50% of our funds on the table each year ($6,000/Year Total for ASG) VP TAC is very receptive to Student Paper Award Proposals Need good, creative ideas (with technical content) from TCs so we can utilize the funds for what they were intended!!! Recent approved items TC Polo shirts (TAC paid ½) Student recognition (e.g. Student Paper Award Fee) Plenty of time to apply for FY11 monies!

10 10 TC-Related Issues: Several All TCs Contributed an Aerospace America Year-end Highlights Article!!!* Good Job!! TC Member Responsibilities Help Recruit New TC Members Help Submit Names for AIAA Awards Help Submit Names for AIAA Elected Offices Propose Membership Upgrades Propose Session Papers for AIAA Journals *Unfortunately, Meshing Visualization and Computational Environments TC Year in Review Article was incorrectly included with the Aerospace Design and Structures Group. This will be corrected for 2011

11 11 TC-Related Issues: Several (contd) Conference Site Selection Need to set up conference location 3-4 years into future (Preferred date flexibility & more competitive hotel contract) New emphasis on more-affordable sites and hotels Technical Committee size and makeup Additional cost to AIAA when TC membership goes above ~50 –Food costs –Larger rooms require audio visual and speaker systems 50 TOTAL Members –Up to 35 Regular Members –Associate members 34 years old or younger –International members –New membership category: Alumni members Must get approval of ASG Director or Dep. Director to extend TC member beyond 3 year term 11

12 12 Questions/Issues?? Youre not coming back to Orlando next year?

13 David Riley – AIAA VP Finance Summary of Goals Provide financial leadership to maintain the Institutes financial performance and services, promote new product growth, and be a good steward of the memberships resources. Statement The AIAA is the worlds largest technical society dedicated to the aerospace profession and serves as the worlds forum for aerospace leadership. AIAA supports a myriad of aerospace activities from student sections, conferences and scholarships, to local section activities, multiple national conferences, aerospace standards, conference papers, journals, and books. Aerospace professionals rely on AIAA to make these many activities available, and provide professional recognition and professional growth opportunities throughout their careers. To maintain AIAAs important leadership role and ensure its continued support of current and future aerospace professionals, it is paramount that AIAA remain financially strong and be fiscally responsible. As AIAA VP Finance, I pledge to: Maintain a balanced budget while continuing to provide the many services our members rely on Work with all the AIAA VPs to manage their program costs, to promote growth into new product areas, and eliminate programs that AIAA no longer needs Work with AIAA staff to control costs and keep member services affordable Be a good steward by managing the AIAA portfolios to: a) maximize income in the current economic environment, thus providing maximum benefits to the membership; and b) retain the principal for future Institute growth and new programs for future generations VOTE!

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