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Doral Charter Academy Middle School 2014-2015 Comprehensive Science 2 Seventh Grade.

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1 Doral Charter Academy Middle School 2014-2015 Comprehensive Science 2 Seventh Grade

2 7 th Grade Science The purpose of this course is to provide the second year of a sequential three-year course of study in concepts of: –Life Science –Earth Science –Physical Science All 7 th Grade Science Teachers tend to plan together and use the MDCPS Pacing Guide.

3 Bachelor’s of Science degree in Elementary Education. Multiple Certifications: –Elementary K-6, Middle grades Science 5-9, Spanish K-12 and ESOL endorsement. Teaching experience in various grade levels. Joined the Doral Academy Family in 2009. Mrs. Lucy Sálamo

4 1.Treat each other with respect. 2.Be on time and come prepared. 3.Turn off all cell phones and electronic devices. 4.Raise your hand to speak or stand up. 5.Follow directions the first time given. 6.Clean up after yourselves. 7.Take responsibility for your actions.

5 Classroom Rules Cont. If student chooses not to comply with class rules, disciplinary action will be taken. Verbal warning F in conduct for the day Call to parent After School Detention & Referral to administration

6 The entire Science Department uses the following percentages for graded assignments: –40% Exams –30% Quizzes –20% Labs & Projects –10% CW, HL & Participation Late work will NOT be accepted. Assignments that are not turned in receive a Z in the grade book. Make-up work will only be given when the child’s absence is excused by the office. It is the child’s responsibility to ask for make-up work.

7 My Class is participating in the Discount Card Fundraiser Proceeds go help our growing Athletics Department Your child has the option to purchase a card from myself, or help me sell them Different Prizes are available for students and participating classes I will be taking Orders for cards starting Monday - $20.00 Cash ONLY

8 Serve as support with student home learning assignments Check Doral Academy website MDCPS Parent Portal & Student Portal Keep lines of communication open * * * If you haven’t already done so, please * * * pay $20.00 Science Lab Fee. Payments must be made in CASH ONLY before October 23 rd, 2014.

9 The school requires parents to complete 30 volunteer hours for the school year. You can complete these by attending events like today, participating in school activities, or by making donations to your child’s teachers. Any supplies turned in, must have a receipt attached, and you will be credited at 1 hour for ever $3.33 spent. My wish list will be posted and updated in September and March

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