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Pre Calculus Mr. Yost Central High School 3130 E 1/2 Road Grand Junction, CO 81504 Phone: 970-254-7317

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1 Pre Calculus Mr. Yost Central High School 3130 E 1/2 Road Grand Junction, CO 81504 Phone: 970-254-7317 Email:

2 THE WAY OF THE WARRIOR SHOW YOUR R espect E xcellence D etermination

3 Website: 1. Click on Departments. Click on Mathematics. Click on Mr. Yost Page. OR 2. Just type in the web address: h/yost/Precalc.htm

4 OFFICE HOURS Room: 320/323 BEFORE SCHOOL 7:00 - 7:25 (except Monday) 7 th Period LUNCH AFTER SCHOOL 2:50 - (Depending on Season)

5 CLASS RULES YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES: 1. Be respectful toward yourself and others 2. Be respectful to any equipment used in class 3. Have a good attitude 4. Do your own work and take pride in it

6 Electronic Devices (Cell phones, ipod, mp3’s…) 1. Do not use them in class. 2. Do not let me see them in class 3. If any electronic device is being used in class, I will take it and you may pick it up at the end of the day. 4. Please make sure your cell phone is off when you come in

7 FOOD AND DRINK 1.You may have food in class if it does not disturb others and as long as it does not affect your mathematical performance 1. You may have water in a clear plastic container FOOD DRINK 2. No soda, coffee, etc…

8 HALL PASSES 1.The hall pass must be taken whenever the classroom is left. 2. Please ask for permission. 3. Please do not make it a habit or there will be limitations placed on an individual basis. 4. No hall passes will be given the first and last 10 minutes of the block (10 minute Rule). 6. If you are late you forfeit your hall pass privileges. 5. You must have your ID to use the pass.

9 TARDIES 1 st Tardy – Warning 2 nd Tardy – Time for Time Detention 3 rd Tardy – Detention with Teacher – 15 minutes minimum 4 th Tardy – Detention with Teacher – 30 minutes minimum 5 th Tardy – Administrator Referral – 45 minutes detention 6 th Tardy – Administrator Referral – 2 45 minutes detentions 7 th Tardy - Administrator Referral – In School Suspension 8 th Tardy - Administrator Referral – In School Suspension A student is considered Absent if they are more than 15 minutes tardy.

10 Truancy 1 st – Time for Time detention 2 nd - Time for Time detention 3 rd – Saturday School 4 th – In School Suspension 5 th – Out of School Suspension Possible (WF) withdrawal fail from class

11 Pre Calculus What you need, what you will do, and class expectations. 4.Graphing calculator3. Pen/pencil 2. Paper, graph paper or engineering paper 1. Book MATERIALS

12 CLASSWORK/HOMEWORK Homework will be due the next day, following the completion of the section Homework is graded on completion and on your effort. To receive full credit, it is expected that all parts of each question assigned are completed. Homework will be assigned daily Late work will be accepted but penalized. (10 % per day) Late work will be accepted until the day of the chapter test, after that no work from that chapter will be accepted.

13 MAKE-UP WORK CLASSWORK/HOMEWORK 2. If you are absent you have 2 days for every absence to make up your work 1.If you are absent you are responsible for checking the internet for the day you missed. You may also ask me or a classmate for the work that you have missed

14 QUIZZES/TESTS Usually there will be a quiz every 2 to 4 sections There is a possibility that a quiz will be given every day. Tests will be given when appropriate and will be given appropriate point values.

15 TEST CORRECTIONS 1.If you are unhappy with your test score you will be able to retake one test per nine weeks. 2. Test retakes must be done at lunch. You will be given two days to make corrections. 3. Before you retake your test you must come in and correct your previous test to help you prepare for the retake. 4. To take advantage of this test correction policy, you must have turned all of your homework for the unit tested.

16 TESTS: MAKE-UP 1.If you miss a test/quiz you have two days to make it up if the absence is excused and only one day if the absence is unexcused 2. All make up tests and quizzes must be done by setting up a time with Mr. Yost

17 A90 - 100% B80 - 89% C70 - 79% D60 - 69% GRADING SCALE If you have a D or an F you will be assigned to Warrior Period for 2 weeks.

18 Tests/Quizzes85% Homework15% GRADING BREAKDOWN

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