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2 Getting to know your child’s teacher…
I graduated from Shorter College in Rome, Ga. I have been teaching for eight years. I have a three year old son, and I am married.

3 Volunteer Policy Per contract, parents must complete 30 volunteer hours per school year. Donated items must be submitted to the office with a receipt. Donation value of $3 is equal to volunteer 1hr. (cash)

4 Rules, Procedures, and Consequences
Rules and Procedures BE PROMPT Be on time to class – in your desk when your class begins, doing the WARM UP. Try your best to sharpen pencils before class. BE ORDERLY Enter and leave the room in an orderly manner. Sit in your assigned seats correctly. Raise your hand and wait to be recognized to speak or leave your seat. Do not talk while someone else is talking. Do not throw any objects. No sleeping in class. BE PREPARED Have the necessary materials for each class. Homework will be verbally announced, posted on the board, and available on Write assignments in your agenda each day. Homework will be turned in by time the bell rings to begin the class unless previously submitted to the school’s website. Failure to turn in homework assignments will reflect your grade, and NO late work will be accepted except in the case of an emergency when a parent note/ must be submitted. BE NEAT Put trash in receptacles as you leave. Keep work area clean. Do not write on the desks. Keep work and notebooks neat and organized. Do NOT eat or drink during class anything but water. BE RESPECTFUL Show the same respect to others, students, adults, and their property that you would expect. Consequences If rules are not followed the following consequences will be given. Verbal Warning Teacher Student Conference Detention involving Parent/Guardian Contact Parent/Teacher and/or Counselor Conference Administrative Disciplinary Action *When necessary, the teacher may skip consequences, depending on the seriousness of the classroom disruption/misbehavior, and immediately refer the student Administration. Tardy Policy If a student is tardy three times to my class during one academic quarter, the student will be assigned a detention. Testing Policy: During all formal assessments, students must not communicate with another student. Any form of communication will result in a 0%, F, on the assessment.

5 Curriculum We follow the District’s Pacing Guides which allows us to have a diverse curriculum to include: Short Stories (Literature Book) Independent Novels (You will be able to purchase them from the online school store!) Grammar (Grammar Textbook and Workbook)

6 Grading Policy Parent Portal
Remember, you can access the Parent Portal to view your child’s grades. Create an account at

7 Standing Home- Learning: Additional Home-Learning:
Read for 30 minutes. Class Novels Study Island: 1 Assignment Per Week Select 30 Questions. Stop once Blue Ribbon has been earned! Additional Home-Learning: Additional Home Learning will be posted on our school’s website, About Us Staff Directory Teacher Class on a weekly basis for planning purposes. Home work may be turned in, in class or submitted online. If the students are interested in the online submission, they must first register for an account, and then, send me the verification code that they receive via .

8 How can you help your child?
Check your ! (Notifications of Upcoming Assignments and Concerns) On my Home page, you can access Curriculum updates, so that you can reiterate what is being taught in class. On my Home page, you can access my Links page, where you can utilize links such as the SpringBoard Program and Online Grammar Workbook. Access the Online Book: Literature Book (

9 Attendance Policy: If a student absent, the student must bring in a doctor’s note or an excuse, so that the absence can be excused. Make-up work will be given to all students, but only the students with excused absences will receive an academic grade. The doctor’s note or excuse must be given to security before school or during lunch. An admit will be given to the student, so that they can have all teachers sign them and excuse their absence. The school’s website serves as a great resource for a student to avoid falling behind when it comes to home-learning assignments. For in-class assignments, students can me. Students will have the opportunity to use the restroom between class periods and during lunch. Restroom/Hall passes will only be issued in case of an emergency.

10 Contact Information School’s Phone Number: Address:

11 Thank you for choosing Somerset Academy Silver Palms to meet the needs of your child.
Don’t forget to sign in.

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