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Linkedin Getting Started Start at the LinkedIn home page.

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1 Linkedin Getting Started Start at the LinkedIn home page

2 Before You Start: Privacy Settings Hover over your picture (or picture placeholder) at the top right corner of the LinkedIn page to get this menu to appear Click ‘Review’ to go to Privacy and Settings 23/9/2015NoCoNet Social Media Committee

3 Recommended Settings Privacy Controls Turn on/off your activity broadcasts – Off, while editing Select who can see your activity feed – “Only You” while editing Select what others see when you've viewed their profile – Depends Select who can see your connections – Your Connections Change your profile photo & visibility » – Everyone Show/hide "Viewers of this profile also viewed" box – Either 33/9/2015NoCoNet Social Media Committee

4 Source: headline.html#! 43/9/2015NoCoNet Social Media Committee

5 Create a Summary Why? A brief professional description at the top of your page helps recruiters/employers quickly understand what you have to offer. A chance to add keywords for searchability. – If a skill is commonly referred to in multiple ways, use all the ways. Ex. Accounts Payable (AP), Registered Nurse (RN), etc. How to choose keywords? Focus on skills. – Find job postings for jobs you would like to have. Use the keywords from the postings that describe you. – Go to, type in your job title and click ‘Search.’ A skills list appears on the left side of the 53/9/2015NoCoNet Social Media Committee

6 Add a Current Position Must have for LinkedIn to consider your profile “Complete” Yes, do this even though you’re unemployed. Job Title should be your desired job title; Company can be left blank or “Actively Seeking” 63/9/2015NoCoNet Social Media Committee

7 Add Connections Request a connection of someone you know – Search for person’s name and go to their LI page – Click the Connect button; a message box opens – Personalize the invitation; write an email thank-you after Request a connection of a “LION” or three – Start with LinkedIn Open Networkers in your field Accept connection requests from others – Only from people you’re familiar with 73/9/2015NoCoNet Social Media Committee

8 Request Recommendations People must have a LinkedIn profile to give you recommendations. Former supervisors are most powerful. – Also ask co-workers, college study partners, group partners, professors, etc. Send a polite email. Make sure the recommendation has no typos or spellos. You decide whether to display it or not. Send a thank-you email. 83/9/2015NoCoNet Social Media Committee

9 Groups LinkedIn Groups provide a place for professionals to share and converse. – Find colleagues in the same industry or with similar interests to share content with, help you find answers, post and view jobs, make business contacts, and establish yourself as an industry expert. You can find groups to join in the Groups Directory or view suggestions of groups you may like.Groups Directoryview suggestions of groups you may like Groups can be “Open”, meaning anyone can join, or “Closed”, meaning there are requirements to join You can join up to 50 groups, and you should. Benefits of being a Group member are many: – Causes you to show up higher in their search results – Can let you see more info about them (depending on their settings) – Allows them to send you an InMail at no cost – Increases the size of your network You can learn from and contribute to Groups to increase your LinkedIn presence 93/9/2015NoCoNet Social Media Committee

10 A Note About Security/Privacy Avoid sharing contacts’ information – From your phone or email address book – Just ignore these requests Do not download LI’s new LinkedIn Intro app. Periodically check Terms of Service. OK to use your LI profile to subscribe to another service. – Referred to as “OAuth” functionality – Saves you from creating new credentials for the subscription – But don’t share your contacts’ information 103/9/2015NoCoNet Social Media Committee

11 Want more help? The NoCoNet Social Media Committee holds help sessions every Tuesday (mostly) at 9:30am at the Wild Boar Café in Fort Collins. Other websites for more details. – – Your presenters today –Debra. 113/9/2015NoCoNet Social Media Committee

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