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Helpful Guide for Members IMFFA Social Community 1.

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1 Helpful Guide for Members IMFFA Social Community 1

2 Table of Contents 2 Intro to Social Community …………….. Page 3 How to access Social Community ………. Page 4 Privacy ………………………………. Page 5 – 6 Features ……………………………… Page 7 Social Activity Stream ………….. Page 8 Connections …………………... Page 9 Member Profile ……………….. Pages 10 – 11 Basic Circle How To ……………. Pages 12 – 14 Notifications ………………….. Pages 15 – 16 Member Searches ……………… Pages 17 – 18 Extra Circle Information ……….. Pages 19 – 22

3 What is Social Community? Social Community is IMFFA’s new member- only social network. It will bolster our community and establish an important online community presence Now you can connect, share information & photos easily 3

4 How do I access Social Community? 1) Sign in using your credentials at 2) Click on “Community” 4

5 Wait, what about privacy?, Part 1 Fortunately, Social Community is VERY SECURE. “Default” means all IMFFA members who are active on the website can see your profile (still have to log-in) “Connections” means only your connections 5 If you have any questions regarding privacy, please feel free to contact your IMFFA office.

6 Wait, what about privacy?, Part 2 6 Profiles cannot be found through Google. Members can edit their privacy settings. We have already set it to where your Photos are only visible to your connections. You can change this to All IMFFA user or to only yourself. You can also block any members from viewing any of your information.

7 What are the features? Social Activity Stream Member Profiles include: Connections Wall Private Messages Photo Albums Notifications “Circles” include: Announcements Discussion Wall Photos 7

8 Social Activity Stream Your Social Activity Stream is the first thing you see when you open Social Community. Here you can view: Members at random Recent activity on Social Community Newest Circles Who is online 8

9 What is a Connection? In order to view a member’s wall, photos, and information you must be a connection. A connection is similar to a “Friend” on Facebook. To send a connection request: you simply search for a member and click “Add as a connection.” 9

10 Member Profile, Part 1 Each member has a profile Your profile contains: Your status Your wall Your pictures This is where you enter your status 10

11 Member Profile, Part 2 A profile also contains: Their connections Their Circles You can only view a member’s profile if you are a connection. 11

12 Circles “Circles” are like a Special Interest Group Anyone can create a circle based on a shared interest Soccer Favorite Restaurants Book Club Craft Group, etc. You can also create a private circle 12 Example

13 How Can It Help My Group? Example General / time-sensitive announcements? Gauge interest or look for references? Comments? Example 13

14 How to Use Circles You can: Add Pictures Invite Members View announcements Participate in Discussions Comment on the Wall 14

15 Notifications, Page 1 If a member comments in a circle you are a member of, on your wall, or if a member messages you, you will receive a notification on the top right corner. Once you click on the box a notification box will pop up with more details. 15

16 Choose your preferences and click Save! Notifications, Page 2 To edit which notifications you receive an email for scroll over My Profile and click Contact Preferences 16 Don’t forget to click save

17 How to Create a Circle, Part 1 From the “My Community Page” click on “View All Circles” 17 Tip: Alternatively, you can find “Circles” under “My Features”

18 How to Create a Circle, Part 2 Then click “Create” Finally fill out all of the necessary information on the page and click “Create Circle” 18

19 How to Search for All Members Interested in a Group, Part 1 You can search for members who have shared interest in your group. You can then invite these members to connect, to a group Circle, and send them a message. 19

20 How to Search for All Members Interested in a Group, Part 2 Scroll over Connections and click Advanced Search Then select the proper criteria and click Search 20

21 How to Moderate Circles, Part 1 Creators can moderate their circles by: Changing the Circle Avatar Creating Announcements or Bulletins Creating Discussions By deleting comments Example 21

22 How to Moderate Circles, Part 2 Creators can moderate circles by: Adding Pictures Inviting Members Deleting the Circle Example 22

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