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Which best describes the geography of Australia?

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1 Which best describes the geography of Australia?
Lake district across the south west Mountainous with scattered lowlands Large tropical zone in the central region of the country Large semi-arid, dry region with temperate climates in the southeastern coastal areas

2 What is the main reason few people live in the Great Victoria Desert?
A. It is too hot and dry B. There are winter floods. C. Australians prefer city life. D. The area has not been explored.

3 Where is the Great Barrier Reef?
A. off the northwest coast B. off the northeast coast C. off the southwest coast D. off the southeast coast

4 Native Americans: USA as ___________: Australia
Uluru Ayers Rock Aborigines Queensland

5 What two oceans surround Australia?
A. Indian and Atlantic B. Indian and Arctic C. Indian and Pacific D. Atlantic and Pacific

6 Which BEST describes where people live in Australia?
A. Most live in larger cities. B. Most live in rural areas on farms. C. Most live in the interior of the country. D. Most live on islands surrounding the mainland.

7 Why is southeastern Australia a popular place for Australians to live?
A. It is near Ayers Rock. B. Australians enjoy living near the ocean. C. The government tells people to move to this area. D. The climate in the region is not too hot or too cold.

8 Which state has the most people in Australia?
A. Northern Territory B. Tasmania C. Western Australia D. New South Wales

9 Which nearby country is most important to Australia for trade?
A. China B. Great Britain C. United States D. New Zealand

10 What religion did most of Australia’s Irish prisoners practice?
A. Baptist B. Islam C. Presbyterian D. Roman Catholic

11 In 1788, Britain starting sending which people to Australia?
A. engineers B. prisoners C. marines D. teachers

12 What language did the first European settlers speak in Australia?
A. Aboriginal B. Dutch C. English D. French

13 Which statement is true?
A. There is no poverty in Australia. B. Australia does not have a very high standard of living because they have low literacy rate. C. Australia has one of the highest standards of living because they have a high literacy rate. D. Few Australians can afford good food, shelter, education, or health care.

14 Which is true about the government of Australia?
A. confederate government B. federal government C. unitary government D. both unitary and confederate

15 Which gives people the most voice in making laws?
A. oligarchy B. autocracy C. theocracy D. democracy

16 Australia has a parliamentary democracy, so their leader is….?
A. a prime minister B. a president C. a queen D. governor-general

17 What responsibility do Australians have after their 18th birthday?
A. marriage B. military (join the army) C. running for office D. voting (required or fined)

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