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Canada- Northern Neighbor to the USA

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1 Canada- Northern Neighbor to the USA

2 Map of Canada What is the impact of location on the country of Canada?

3 Canada’s location Located north of the United States
Second largest country in the world Bordered by the Atlantic Ocean on the East, The Pacific Ocean on the west and the Arctic on the north

4 The Land Towering mountains, clear lakes, and lush forests make Canada's far west a region of great natural beauty. Farther inland, fields of wheat and other grains cover vast prairies in the central western part of Canada In the north are arctic wastelands largest population centers and industrial areas are near the Great Lakes and the St. Lawrence River in central eastern Canada Fishing villages in the east bordering the Atlantic Ocean

5 Climate varies from temperate in south to sub arctic and arctic in north

6 History and Development of Canada
SS6H4 Students will describe the impact of European contact on Canada Essential question- What is the influence of the English and the French on Canada?

7 History First inhabitants came from Asia 15,000 years ago
Europeans who settled Canada came mainly from Great Britain and France Canada came to be ruled by Great Britain from 1763 until 1931 Many French speaking people settled in Quebec- a province

8 Population Speak English and French because of the influence of exploration by the French and British Ottawa in the province of Ontario is the capitol of Canada Greatest area of population located around the Great Lakes and the St Lawrence waterway Picture of Toronto, Canada's largest city and chief center of industry

9 Great Lakes area

10 Government Government is a constitutional monarchy
King or queen of United Kingdom is head of state and symbolic leader, but very little real power Has a parliamentary democracy- people elect members of parliament Parliament chooses the prime minister, chief executive of country and head of military

11 Government Continued Prime minister leads the sessions of parliament

12 Distribution of power in Canada
Federal government Power divided between central government and ten provinces Men and women 18 years and older may vote, but are not required to vote Level of freedom is among the highest in the world

13 Economy Known for fertile farmland and rich natural resources
Manufacturing, farming, service industries are major economic activities Government in Canada plays more direct role in economy- government provides health care NAFTA- North American Free Trade Agreement- United States, Canada, and Mexico formed this to remove trade barriers

14 Literacy Rate definition: age 15 and over can read and write total population: 99% literate

15 Contemporary issues in Canada Quebec’s Independent Movement
Important part of Canada Electronics and computer industries based in Quebec Some people in Quebec want to form an independent country People in Quebec are afraid French language and cultural practices will be lost Laws have been passed to protect the language and cultural heritage in Quebec Separatists- those who want an independent Quebec

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