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Back to School Night Grade 3 October 3, 2012 Mrs. Maureen Gibson.

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2 Back to School Night Grade 3 October 3, 2012 Mrs. Maureen Gibson

3 Please fill out blue index card Child’s Name Your email Concerns Or email me and then I can save your address

4 Mon. Computers Tues. Gym Wed. Music Thurs. Gym Fri. Art Specials Suggested Supplies OLD CLEAN SOCK Please cover all Text books

5 Nurse/ Bathroom Celebrations Please send in only one type of treat Only Healthy treats Please see the RV Handbook

6 Classroom Come in Lunch order Schedule posted Morning message Sport s map HW board and website Lap tops -- Grant Rug PTO Observer - Awesome Efforts Library Buckets Tests Most weeks we will have Reading and a Spelling Test on Friday, frequent tests in Math Tests are posted on the website and on board

7  Homework is assigned Monday through Thursday.  Homework is posted on my website everyday  Although the HW is posted on the website I do require that the students also copy it into their planners. This organizational skill is important.  Some assignments, such as Spelling, may be assigned as independent work.  Homework is not graded as correct or incorrect but on completion.  Students should read for 20 minutes every night!

8 Students need a CHAPTER book to read in class during INDENDENT READING ! Anthology Online Text and PB Weekly Parent Letter All genres; fiction and non fiction Encourage Independent Reading in class and at home New Reading Incentive Program Weekly tests on story Once a unit a COLD test good prep for NJ ASK Five Finger Rule Book Report Chapter Books/Units Flat Stanley Charlotte’s Web

9 3 Paragraph Essay Writing is planned, graphic organizer, story web, and brainstormed ideas Writing needs a beginning, middle and an end ! Beginning gets the reader’s attention; introduces reader to the topic Three details and two supporting sentences for each Closing must summarize, refer back to the points/details in the writing Correct Grammar, Sentence structure Main idea is clearly stated

10 Everyday Math Games passwords in planner Multiplication Tables Word Problems Take information out of the “paragraph” and create a chart Be sure to answer the question that is being asked


12 NJ ASK May 13,14,15,16 Please avoid family vacations during this time 2 days LAL 2 days Math –Short Answers –Open Ended


14 Please feel free to contact me via email, phone, or note: 732-264-1333





19 Conferences October 2012 Wednesday MondayTuesday 6:45Kiera2:00Michael4:45 7:00Ben2:15Brianna5:00Ryan 7:10Brielle2:30Justin5:10Taylor 7:202:45Kaitlyn5:20Grace 7:30 Jaspret 2:50Tara5:30Matthew 7:40Julianne3:00Amanda5:40 7:50Sebastian3:15Alex5:50 8:00Sean 3:30 6:00 8:106:10 8:20Alison6:20 8:306:30

20 Thank You I am looking forward to an exciting year ! If you would like to leave a note for your child there is paper on the side table

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