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Digging Through Essay Layers By Aigiun Guseinova.

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1 Digging Through Essay Layers By Aigiun Guseinova

2 Essay Structure (components) Introduction Body ( paragraphing) part Conclusion

3 Title and Content Layout with List The first thing that the reader will see. It can be a quote, anecdote, description, rhetorical question, etc. Whatever the form, it needs to make the reader want to read more of the essay. A one or two sentence summary of the main argument made in the paper. Your thesis should state one specific, debatable idea that is narrow enough in scope to be provable. The introduction should set up the organization and tone of the rest of the paper. This can be accomplished by previewing aspects of the topic that will be discussed in the body of the paper. Attention grabber INTRODUCTION POINTS Background info A quick summary of the context, relevance, or significance of your paper topic for an uninformed reader. Tone Tips You should keep the verb consistency throughout your whole essay ( for ex: use the past verbs for your past actions; future tense for your future ones) Background Information Thesis Statement Attention- grabber Tone Tips Verb Consistency

4 “Without music, life would be a mistake.– Friedrich Nietzsche INTRODUCTION EXAMPLES “Being a musician is a great career because a lot of people of admire you and it brings out your creativity” Attention- grabber Thesis Statement Background info Benefits of music “Music, the language of the soul, is as old as humanity. It's no secret that people love music. While taste in music differs from person to person, almost everyone enjoys some type of music. But by common observation, professional medical practitioners have linked music to our well-being and general health. A recent study concludes that listening to music has positive health effects on people of all ages”

5 Think of Technology Development process. Do you consider it as invasion or innovation?

6 BODY/PARAGRAPHING POINTS A highly explicit topic sentence helps your reader to understand the main idea of your paragraph. Once you develop your topic more fully it becomes clear to your audience about your points/opinions. The rest of the paragraph should be devoted to explaining or developing the main idea of the paragraph. In addition to explaining the main idea, connect to your thesis. Explain why the main idea matters and fits into the overall argument you are trying to make. Answer the question” So What?” to tell your audience why you spent so much time for developing one point. It usually helps your reader follow the flow of your argument if you include a transitional phrase or word at the beginning of each paragraph or at the end of the preceding paragraph. If there are too many ideas in the paragraph, separate them into different paragraphs, each with one main idea.Cut the extraneous information and start drafting. Topic Sentence Support for Main Idea Relevance to Thesis Transition Revising Paragraphing

7 ACTIVITY TIME ( TEAM WORK) Form 3-4 groups. Put the pieces of essay in the right order to form a final one for a submission to your professor Essay: Causes and Effects of Uncontrolled Urbanization

8 Two Content Layout with Table CONCLUSION PART Restate the paper’s main points in a different way. The reader should be able to read just the conclusion and still understand the basic topic of the paper. Try to tie the conclusion back to the introduction. For example, if you opened with the story of analogy, come back to it and give the paper a sense of overall unity. The conclusion is the last thing your audience will read, and is therefore the part they will remember the best. You have the change to pick the main idea that you hope your reader will walk away with and drive it home. While writing the conclusion part make sure to avoid introducing new ideas. END BIG

9 Men may move mountains But ideas move men…..


11 REFERENCE LIST resources/writing-essays

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