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Writing... What the What?.

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1 Writing... What the What?

2 Why is structure so important?
Structure in writing is important because if you have a solid base, you can build, take away and amend your writing to fit the needs of the assignment. Ponder This: Writing without structure is like you without a skeleton…

3 Basic format for a 5 Paragraph Essay: When in Doubt…Eat a Hamburger!
Paragraph #1- Introduction Paragraph #2- 1st Body Paragraph #3- 2nd Body Paragraph #4- 3rd Body Paragraph #5- Conclusion

4 Important aspects of an Introduction
Your introduction is the most important paragraph of your paper because this is where you “hook” the reader. The following is the structure of an introduction: Attention Getter: The first sentence of your paper should engage the reader on your topic. Background Information: This is where you discuss the background of your topic for your paper. These 3-5 sentences should serve as the only “book report” like information. Thesis Statement: This is the last sentence of your introduction paragraph that explains what your paper will be about.

5 Let’s talk more about this “Thesis Statement” thingie
Thesis Statement: a road map for the paper; in other words, it tells the reader what to expect from the rest of the paper. *You will be writing 3 point thesis statements for all of your writing assignments. Ex. Ms. Shirk is an awesome teacher because she is super smart, has a knack for speaking in public and loves her students more than life itself.

6 Aspects of Body Paragraphs (3)
All of your body paragraphs (you will have three) should be structured like the following: Transition sentence: Introduce what you are going to talk about in the paragraph. Evidence: This is where you put a specific example from the text, in this case “Through the Tunnel” to prove your point. Commentary: This is where you explain your evidence and how it relates/proves your Thesis Statement. Transition sentence: Your last sentence of each body paragraph should lead the reader into your next point from your thesis.

7 Aspects of a Conclusion
Your conclusion should tie a nice little bow around your paper and include the following: Restate your Thesis Statement in different words. Personal Commentary: This section will relate your all of the material you have written in your paper to “real world” connections. This section answers the question “Why is this an important topic to discuss and how does it relate to life outside of the story? Concluding Thought: This is your final sentence of the paper. It should be well-written, clear and to the point, while concluding the entire paper.

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