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Grades 6-8 Middle School How to Create Simple Animation in PowerPoint.

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1 Grades 6-8 Middle School How to Create Simple Animation in PowerPoint

2 Focusing Questions What is a way that I can make my PowerPoint presentations standout and captivate the audience? How can I develop outstanding animation sequences that will impress my audience?

3 Instruction

4 Framing The Session In our last session, we discussed some of the basic features of PowerPoint. We discussed ways to make slides, add text, and graphics. Today, I will show you one of the advanced features, which will be adding animation and text.

5 Teaching Watch me as I show you how to add the animation. There are several steps involved. First, you will need to think about what you would like to put on your PowerPoint. At this point, you should add some text and photos to a slide. Take a few minutes now to create the slide.

6 Guided Practice Now it is your turn to try animating your slides. Take some time to create 5 slides. For each slide, add different animations. We will share with the entire class after you complete the task. I will be walking around the room to assist you.

7 Work Time

8 Getting Started You will be creating five slides, each with animation of the text and graphics. Take the next 30 minutes to add your animation, and then we will come back together and share.

9 Work Time Work independently to create individual PowerPoint animations.

10 Share

11 Today we learned the advantages to animating a PowerPoint. We discovered that is simple and fun. Who can tell me a few of the advantages to using the animation feature? Share

12 We created a PowerPoint that included text, graphic, and animation. It was captivating because of the terrific effects. Share

13 How does this work address the questions that began the session? Animation allows the audience to become more excited about the presentation. Using the slideshow menu and custom animation feature, we can make some really exciting PowerPoint's.

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