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Bad PowerPoint Example

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1 Bad PowerPoint Example
By: Mrs. Siefert

2 This font is too large This font is too fancy Bad font choices:
This font is too small This font is too large This font is too fancy This font color is hard to read this font doesn’t line up very well with the other lines Making it very hard to read

3 Too hard to read – size and color
Writing a Paragraph may be the most difficult task for some but it surely is not impossible. With proper guidance and knowledgeable tips, anyone can write a paragraph that has a perfect introduction, captivating details in the middle and a remarkable closing sentence that would leave a lasting impression on the reader. Your custom term papers and college term papers will contain properly organized paragraphs that will surely impress your teacher. A paragraph is a unit of text that develops one idea or topic in specific detail. A paragraph has a beginning, a middle and an end. The beginning, or the topic sentence, forecasts what the paragraph is going to be about. The middle develops the idea in detail by giving specific support for it, and the conclusion emphasizes the insight you have arrived at .

4 Annoying Custom Animation
Select one type of animation And use it for each block of text Do not select animation that makes your reader not want to follow along Do not pick animation that wastes time for no reason Annimation that is too “busy” is also annoying!

5 Bad Graphics Have nothing to do with the presentation
Animations for the sake of animations, distracting or annoying Can’t read, too small Graphics should not cover up important text. Blurry or hard to see

6 Very annoying background & Text combination – my eyes hurt!

7 Backgrounds Did you notice that during this presentation, the background and fonts changed with EACH slide? This makes the presentation appear less professional. PowerPoint is not a toy or a coloring book – it is a powerful presentation tool

8 PowerPoint Tips: Pick one, easy-to-read font – use it throughout the presentation ~ keep the font size large – 28 or higher Pick a background and use it throughout the presentation – make sure the colors work well together OR use a SLIDE DESIGN – professionals have done the work for you. Use pictures for a reason, not just decoration Animation is okay – just keep it consistent and simple Spell check!

9 PowerPoint Presentation Tips:
Do not put everything you want to say in your PowerPoint – use note cards or speaker notes to keep you focused. Do not read from the screen – face your audience. If audience is taking notes – pause and give them time to think/write. Speak clearly – loud enough for those in the back to hear.

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