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Mrs. Sarah Collier First Grade 2013-2014. About Me.

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1 Mrs. Sarah Collier First Grade 2013-2014

2 About Me

3 Education and Experience Undergraduate Degree from William and Mary Corporate experience at Circuit City Teaching license from University of Richmond 7 years teaching experience at Maybeury

4 Communication Email: Blog: Phone: 804-750-2650 (calls will be returned after 2:45 PM) or send a note in your child’s green folder.

5 Behavior Management Maybeury Core Values: MES –Make responsible choices –Expect the best from myself –Show respect for myself and others Clip chart and daily behavior sheet Gem Jar Mallard Money, Prize Pass Catalog, Mallard Mall

6 What do I expect? Demonstrate the core values. Be polite and use manners. Complete classwork on time. Complete homework assignments. Always do your best!

7 Resource Schedule Monday - Library 8:30-9:00 Tuesday - Mystery Reader 8:30-9:00 – A5AA2E5-mystery1 Wednesday - PE 8:30-9:00 Thursday - Art 8:30-9:10 Friday - Music 8:55-9:25

8 Snack Please send a hearty, nutritious snack every day! No juice boxes!!! Water only! *Please do not send cookies, candy, or other high-sugar, low-nutrition snacks.

9 Lunch 12:50-1:20 Daily Student Lunch$2.50 Reduced Price Lunch $0.40 Adult Lunch $3.25 Student Breakfast$1.40 Reduced Price Breakfast$0.30 Adult Breakfast$1.75 Join us any day. The children love it! **I recommend putting money into your child’s lunch account online:

10 Our Day

11 Morning Routine Greet Mrs. Collier and friends Unpack bag Put snack and lunch in your cubby Green & Blue Folders in the Folders Basket Backpack and coat on your hook Turn in all notes/lunch money Begin morning work

12 Language Arts Block Guided Reading - Comprehension Word Study - spelling patterns Word Wall - 2 to 5 words per week Writing - sentences, paragraphs Self-Selected Reading Read Aloud - above level PRIMARY COMPOSITION BOOKS!!!

13 Math Block Scott Foresman Math Investigations Series and supplemental materials. Encourage thinking - Why?? Goal - build a solid foundation for mathematical concepts and send create strong number sense. Hands on - manipulatives Math games that build number sense. Calendar -- daily practice counting, recognizing patterns, place value, time, and money Problem of the Day

14 Social Studies/Science Taught in alternating units. Integrated into daily reading and writing activities. Study Guides to review content at home -- check back of green folder.

15 Handwriting Emphasis on handwriting and correct letter formation I expect children to use their best writing at school and on homework. Handwriting is marked on the Report Card.

16 Grading E = Excellent, perfect or near perfect S = Satisfactory, strong work but some errors N = Needs Improvement, please review at home DV = Developing the skill

17 Incomplete Work I always allow ample amount of time to complete classroom assignments. Incomplete work will be sent home to be finished for homework. Please return the work the next day.

18 Homework First graders work hard at school and homework should not be an unwelcome sight. Here are some things you and your child can do each night. READ, READ, READ! The most important thing to do at home is read. Read to your child and have your child read to you. Help your child to meet the 20 book goal each 9 weeks and complete reading reflections for rewards. Complete word study homework. Always practice sorting the words before completing the written assignment. Practice word wall words. These are the most frequently used words in reading and writing. It is important for the children to be able to read and spell these words. Practice the fluency passage. Review science or social studies study guides. Practice math facts. **Please complete homework on lined paper using pencil**

19 Parent Homework HELP YOUR CHILD TO BE RESPONSIBLE! Read with your child every night. Check the green Home Folder every night. Initial your child’s behavior sheet, addressing any issues as noted by Mrs. Collier. Help your child complete homework. Fill out the All Star Readers reading log form each night. Review graded/checked papers daily.

20 Birthdays We love to celebrate birthdays! Birthdays are special days, indeed, and we celebrate here at school in several ways. (1) Your child’s name will be announced during morning announcements. (2) S/he will choose a birthday pencil from the office. (3) I give each child a birthday treat bag. If you would like to celebrate your child’s birthday at school, I suggest that you come eat lunch with your child on his/her birthday. You could even bring him/her an extra special lunch or treat. Please do not bring food treats for the class, due to the myriad of allergies, dietary restrictions, health concerns, etc. Thanks for your cooperation with this.

21 Scholastic Book Orders Great books to order! Will place order on last Friday of each month. Many of the books have a GRL level. After testing is complete your child will have a GRL level and choosing books will be easier.

22 Thanks for helping me to make this a GREAT school year for your child! Have a wonderful night!

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