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Welcome to First Grade.

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1 Welcome to First Grade

2 Morning Work Daily Oral Language Daily Oral Math Handwriting
Morning News: Pledge, P.A.W.S., Classroom Rules

3 Math New Math Standards Pre-Test for each strand - Math Groups
Math Book Show What You Know Daily Lessons Flip Charts, Curious George Lesson Center Activities Chapter Tests Practice book: homework

4 Reading Reading Groups - Level Readers, Decodable Readers Reading Book
Weekly Story Song High frequency words- Word Wall Phonics skill Comprehension skill Selection Test Fresh Reads Centers Spelling Advanced word list

5 Supplemental Reading Work with Small Groups Star Test
Practice Book- phonics and comprehension skills Lexia Accelerated Reader A.R. Books A.R. Tests

6 Supplemental Math Work with Small Groups Basic math facts Fast Math
Addition 0-9 Marcy Cook Math Centers Making Math Magic 5 frame cards 10 frame cards

7 Special Area Classes One special the entire week Fridays
We still have weekly Library books Fridays Art Guidance Schedule in A.N.C.H.O.R. Notebook

8 Writing Grammar and Writing Manners Books
Writing Pieces (subject to change) Poem Personal Narrative Persuasive Letter Reflective Piece

9 Theme District Time-Line Alternate Science and Social Studies units

10 Homework Spelling words and reading logs go home on Monday
Return on Friday Instant Words Instant Phrases Leader In Me assignments

11 Cards and Tickets Daily Behavior Chart 0 Cards Moved= Tooty Ta Dance
Good Choice Tickets 3 names are pulled at the end of the day for a prize

12 Tokens Bus Tokens Walker Tokens Car rider Tokens
Student must write first and last names on ticket. They will turn them in to their teacher.

13 Snacks Each child may bring their own snack
We always have extra snacks from the snack bin Snack Rotation started in August. Monday, Wednesday, Friday Please send me a note if you would like to be added to the rotation Class Parties You will be asked to help if you checked that you are able to help on the form from Open House.

14 Leader In Me 7 Habits
Chant Being a leader is doing the right thing even when no one is looking.

15 Leadership Positions Line Leader Technology Leader Attendance Manager
Lunch Count Monitor Errand Runner Pass out Paper Calendar Manager Table Manager Share Time Facilitator Snack Manager Chair Manager Supply Stocker Pencil Manager

16 Enrichment: Sharpen the Saw
Every Friday at 2:30 Legos Computer Math Games Play-doh Board Games Puzzles Cooking Dance/Aerobics

17 A.N.C.H.O.R Notebooks Keep at Home
Lunch Money/Notes to teacher or office Transportation Changes and Parent Notes Student name, teacher name, date Behavior Chart Calendar Homework Folder Data Folder Reading and Spelling Rules/Expectations/7 Habits Tree/Willy and Sailor of the week Schedules

18 Website Class Website Updated Weekly Pictures

19 Thank you for coming! This will be a great school year.
Mrs. Vincent

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