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Algebra 1 SEMESTER 2. info  Mrs. Trimble   414-353-4430.

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1 Algebra 1 SEMESTER 2

2 info  Mrs. Trimble   414-353-4430

3 Office Hours  Office hours: I will be available in my classroom on Monday from 3:30-4:30. Students are welcome to come in during this time to ask questions and receive homework assistance.

4 Second half  In Algebra 1B we will learn how to graph linear equations, different forms for writing linear equations, and solving systems of linear equations. We will also learn exponent rules, and scientific notation. 

5 Supplies needed Students will need  One folder  Loose-leaf paper  pencils

6 New Detention policy Detention must be served at lunch, either the day assigned, (for 1 st and 2 nd block) Or the next day (for 4 th block.) Skipped detentions will be turned in to the office.

7 Behavior Policy  Students who break rules can potentially earn a log-in, a detention, and a call home.  Disrespectful to Mrs. Trimble  On their cell phone-must have away or give to me  In wrong seat- must sit in assigned seat  Out of uniform  Bringing book bag to class  Food/drink in class  Talking excessively  Disrupting class  Swearing  fighting

8 Passing periods and Pass policy  Passing periods have been extended to 5 minutes to allow students more time to go to their lockers and to the restroom.  No passes are given out during class time.  Students who walk out of class are given a log- in.

9 Daily classroom schedule  Each day we will follow the same general schedule during class time:  Opening prayer  Do-Now  Lesson  Assignment  Competency work- essential questions and problem-solving  Wrap-up 

10 Do-Now  Graded for participation  For your review- these are to help you  1 do-now/wrap-up sheet for the week (please date these)  Keep in folder

11 Essential questions/problem-solving  These will be included in lessons.  Answer questions in complete sentences  Provide complete examples with drawings  Show work for problem-solving  Always add title and date, include in folder.  Essential questions/problem-solving will add up to be your first competency (though we will work on them throughout the semester.)

12 Wrap-up  Daily question  Included in day’s lesson  Always write on do-now/wrap-up sheet

13 Assessment  Student assessment is based on the following components:  Assignments- 25% - leave all work in folders to be graded.  Competencies- 50% (tests and competency assignments)  Final Exam- 25%

14 Competencies  Competency 1- Essential questions (given throughout the semester)  Competency 2- Test review questions (given before tests)  Competency 3- Exam questions (given the week before exams) 

15 More info on Competencies  I will give you lists of these questions to answer, examples to create, problems to solve.  Answers must be done in complete sentences.  When I ask for examples, they must be numerical examples, with units.  Sometimes you are asked to do drawings or problem-solving as part of your competency. You are not graded on artistic ability, but rather, you are showing me an understanding of the concept being studied.  All questions/examples/drawings are to be kept in a folder (portfolio) in the classroom.  BE patient!!!! If you do the work and leave it with me, it will get graded. 

16 Grading scale  A90-100  B80-89  C 70-79  D60-69  F <60

17 intervention  New students  Students who fall at or below a C-  Detention schedule is in the student handbook.

18 Absences It is the student’s responsibility to get notes and assignments on days they are absent. Check the website! Make-up test day is Friday 2:40-3:30. Students are encouraged to come in during office hours on Mondays for extra help.

19 Khan Academy- Some assignments will be on Khan Academy  Create your own email account if you don’t have one  Yahoo, Gmail, etc  Sign up at  Visit  There, in the "Add a coach" field, enter the class code 4EQX4P  +

20  Follow prompts on Khan Academy to do practice problems.  Your assignment grade comes in part from Khan Academy work.  I will check your progress weekly.

21  Happy Learning!

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