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New Braunfels High School January 31, 2013. General Dual Credit Information Dual Credit programs allow eligible students to earn college credit for certain.

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1 New Braunfels High School January 31, 2013

2 General Dual Credit Information Dual Credit programs allow eligible students to earn college credit for certain high school courses in which they are enrolled. Dual credit courses are high school courses that adhere to college- level standards. Dual credit courses are taught at the high school during the same time that the high school course is scheduled.

3 General Information – things that are out of local hands-The Rules: Under the High School/Dual Credit Agreement Sophomore students may not enroll in a dual credit class. Junior and senior students may not enroll in more than two dual credit courses per semester (6 to 8 credit hours).

4 Important To Do: Students should verify with the college they plan to attend after high school graduation that the college credits earned through the dual credit program will transfer and apply toward a college degree. It is ok to take a class that does not apply to your major –colleges may count it as an elective and the rigor and structure of dual credit courses help young people better prepare for college.

5 Selecting Dual Credit Courses: Universities’ Acceptance of Dual Credit Courses It must be noted that each college or university reserves the right to (1) accept college credits for transfer credit from another college or university and (2) apply them appropriately to a student’s transcript. It is the responsibility of the student to seek information from institutions in which he/she desires to transfer concerning the acceptance of dual credit course work and its application to a degree in the desired major.

6 Failure of Students in Dual Credit All students who are performing poorly in the dual credit course: 1.There are two official drop dates. The first official date is called “Census Date” and it’s usually 12 days after the start of the semester. If students are dropped before this date, the course is removed from their transcript 2.The second date is called the official “Withdrawal Date,” and is usually available to students ¾ of the semester completed. If a student withdraws prior to this date, they will receive a “W” on their transcript. Students who complete the college-level course but earn a D or F will not be allowed to enroll in another dual credit course while in high school.

7 Selecting Dual Credit Courses: Drop/ Withdraw from Courses If a student withdraws from a dual credit course after the published deadline, a “W” will be placed on their college transcript. A “Withdrawal” on a student’s transcript is much better than a failing grade. WHY BE AWARE? The U.S. Department of Education has requested all colleges implement a Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy in order for students to receive financial aid. Colleges/universities policy states a student may be put on suspension from financial aid due to a low college course completion rate.

8 Good to Know: *Tuition Rebates The State of Texas offers tuition rebates to qualified resident students who complete their baccalaureate studies in a timely manner. Students must complete their program in four years and within 3 attempted credit hours of their degree plan. This includes hours taken at other institutions and dual credit courses taken during high school. If you qualify, you may be eligible for a $1,000 tuition rebate when you graduate. * If funding is available through Legislature/University

9 Essential to know: New Braunfels Independent School District is authorized (not required) to provide dual credit courses for eligible high school students on the basis of an articulated agreement between NBISD and Alamo Colleges/San Antonio College. This agreement requires that participating dual credit students abide by a set of policies, procedures, and timelines put in place by Alamo Colleges/San Antonio College. Because New Braunfels ISD has no jurisdiction or control over SAC policies, procedures, and timelines, when an issue arises, our ability to advocate on a student’s behalf is often limited. In addition, SAC prefers to resolve issues by working directly with the student involved. Therefore, while NBISD is eager to assist students whenever possible, we have found that the most effective student advocate is often the student, himself.

10 Required Enrollment Process Pick up and sign for a Dual Credit Packet – Print neatly Complete the following steps for the Student information form Complete the Apply Texas Online Application before Feb. 15 Students may have guidance on filling out the application with Ms. Truitt in the Career Center. Sign up for a time in the career center for assistance Bring Your Social Security Number with you Student may complete form by themselves – read and follow directions PRINT A COPY OF THE “YOUR INFORMATION HAS BEEN SUBMITTED” PAGE WITH PERSONAL ID NUMBER ON IT. This page needs to be turned in with the Information Form,

11 Enrollment Process -Continued Turn in Student/Parent Consent Form. I recommend that all parents read the parent consent form in its entirety, as there are expectations of the students role in this collegiate program. Follow directions carefully as written in Dual Credit Information Packet Return Completed Packet to Counseling office by FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 8, 2013 Sign up and take the Accuplacer test. This test determines if you are college ready. It is one of the standards SAC uses to qualify students for college classes. This will take place, Mon., February 4, 2013 at 4:00pm.

12 Deadlines are Purposeful The high school must consolidate and review student information, set up classes, and review information before handing it over to the college. The college then needs time to review student information, set up classes and input information into the college system. Student Paperwork must be completed and in the counseling office by:

13 Returning Students Must reapply on the Apply Texas website – If you need help – Please ask! Ms. Truitt in the career center can help you log in and update your information for the NEW School Year! Verify that current Accuplacer scores qualify you for the courses you want to take this year – if not RETEST! It is the students responsibility to sign up for testing, application assistance, and to turn in paperwork on time.

14 Benefits of Dual Credit Taking rigorous courses will help students be better prepared for college experience and work loads Students could finish college sooner due to having completed college hours during high school Financial benefit of receiving up to 30 college hours. EX: If each course was $500, passing 1 course per semester could result in $2,000 worth of college paid for by the state of Texas EX: taking 2 courses per semester at a same tuition would be a benefit of $4, 000 of college paid for……

15 Responsibilities of taking Dual Credit Students must advocate for themselves regarding application process, testing, and then assignments. Students need to plan to be successful in coursework at a higher standard: No late work No retesting

16 Another option to receive college credit as well as high school credit is offered through Howard Payne University. Some courses are online, other courses may be offered on campus or at a designated off campus site. Cost is $350.00 per course Contact: Dale Meinecke Phone Number: Office: 325-649-8023 Cell: 817-946-1594

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