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Dual Enrollment Opportunities

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1 Dual Enrollment Opportunities
Amy Nearman Dual Enrollment Coordinator Northern Virginia Community College- Loudoun Campus

2 What is Dual Enrollment?
An enrichment program that allows eligible high school students the opportunity to take courses and earn high school and college credit at the same time NOVA college courses may fulfill Virginia high school graduation requirements and begin a college transcript towards a degree or certificate program

3 Benefits of Dual Enrollment
Provides students with a wider range of courses to take Allows students to receive high school and college credit Can allow students to avoid the duplication of courses taken in high school and college Guaranteed college credit with a C or better Facilitate a seamless transition from high school to college Lower the cost of post-secondary education - courses within the high schools are $10 per credit hour Allows students to use campus resources and participate in college events and activities *Tuition Assistance may be available

4 AP Versus DE Advancement Placement has been around for years while DE is relatively new in VA AP open enrollment vs DE placement testing DE teachers must meet requirements of college professors AP articulated credit while DE is guaranteed AP structured to the test DE is a college class Weighted GPA bump 1.0 vs 0.5

5 Types of Classes Dual Credit- Concurrent Enrollment General Education-
Class taken for high school and college credit Can be taken on-campus, online or through contract Dual Enrollment within the high school Concurrent Enrollment Class taken ONLY for college credit Can be taken on-campus or online General Education- Designed specifically to transfer to four-year college Included in NOVA’s Associate of Art and Associate of Science Degrees Career and Technical Education- Designed for NOVA’s Associate or Applied Art and Sciences degrees (AAA and AAS) Can transfer to a four year school but that is not its initial purpose

6 Delivery Options On-campus
Taught by NOVA faculty on campus with curricular and Dual Enrollment students Online through NOVA’s Extended Learning Institute (ELI) Taught entirely online by NOVA faculty through Blackboard with curricular and Dual Enrollment students Contract courses within certain high schools Taught by high school faculty who are credentialed NOVA adjunct faculty Taught entirely within the school day at the high school Class only contains Dual Enrolled high school students

7 Benefits of Site Selection
High School NOVA Campus/Online Taught by high school teacher who is also NOVA adjunct Teachers are attuned to high school students – provide a safe transition Ability to mesh college and high school curriculum requirements Take class with other high school students Tuition is steeply discounted - $10 per credit hour Experience college course in college setting with college teacher Able to mix with other NOVA students Student pays 100% tuition

8 Who is Eligible for Dual Enrollment
High School Juniors and Seniors Exceptional Sophomores on a case-by-case basis Sophomore Exception Packet Test scores, transcripts, and a teacher/counselor recommendation. Proof of English and Math College Readiness Just like any NOVA student Use PSAT, ACT, SAT, SOL scores to qualify VPT Testing VPT 2 times within a year.

9 House Bill 1184 Brings New Opportunities
Requires local school divisions and community colleges to develop agreements allowing high school students to complete an Associate’s Degree or a one year Uniform Certificate of General Studies from a community college concurrent with a high school diploma. Requires communication to parents and students about the agreement and the ways the certificate or degree can be earned.

10 General Education Certificate
Course # Credits English 111 / 112 College Composition I & II 6 Mathematics, MTH 151 or higher 3 -5 Physical or Life Science 1 & 2 Elective w lab 8 Social / Behavioral Sciences elective 1, 2 and 3 9 Humanities / Fine Arts Elective 1 & 2 (includes foreign language option) SDV 100 College Success Skills 1 33 – 35 total

11 Transferability to Other Colleges and Universities
DE general education credits transfer to most Virginia colleges and universities and to many other four-year institutions All colleges have specific policies regarding acceptance of transfer credits Students should contact the college or university being considered, to discuss the transferability of dual enrollment courses; most colleges have transfer policies on their web site

12 Tuition Rates Per Credit
Per Credit Per Semester (15 Credits) Per Year (30 Credits) Average Public 4-Year Institution (In-State) $330.63* $4,959.50 $9,919.00 On-Campus Dual Enrollment (In-State) $161.75 $2,426.25 $4,852.50 Contract Dual Enrollment within the High School $10 $150 $300 *Averaged per-credit tuition rate of $ was calculated from

13 DE Student Process Meet with your high school counselor
Apply on-line to NOVA – Complete the DE Intent Form with signatures and return to your counselor Take the placement tests if needed NOVA will enroll you in the class

14 Placement Testing and Exemptions
English: Mathematics: Earn a satisfactory score on NOVA’s English placement test Score 500 or higher on both the Critical Reading and Writing sections of the SAT Score 50 or higher on both the Critical Reading and Writing sections of the PSAT* Provide evidence of a combined score of or more on combined Writing section of the ACT Receive a 3 or better on the final test for AP English Literature or Language and Composition course taken in high school. Earn a satisfactory score on NOVA’s math placement test Score 520 or more on the Math portion of the SAT (Students wishing to take DE Math courses must meet the college/course pre-requisites. Score 52 or more on the Math portion of the PSAT* Score a minimum of 22 on the Math portion of the ACT, taken within the last two years Score a passing score on a Math SOL* *Students taking a math course must meet the specific requirements or prerequisites. All tests must taken no more than 2 year prior to enrolling.

15 Is DE Right For You? Ready for advanced, college level work
Ready to self-advocate, be independent learner Have good time management and study skills Want to build a college transcript

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