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Dual Enrollment Options Presented by the GCISD Counseling Department 2015-16.

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1 Dual Enrollment Options Presented by the GCISD Counseling Department 2015-16

2 What is Dual Credit? According to The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, Dual Credit is a process by which a high school junior or senior enrolls in a college course and receives simultaneous academic credit for the course from both the college and the high school. While dual credit courses are often taught on the secondary school campus to high school students only, a high school student can also take a course on the college campus and receive both high school and college credit.

3 How to Enroll? 1)Only Juniors and Seniors are eligible for dual credit courses. 2) Notify your High School Counselor and they will pull your official transcript to be submitted to TCC. 3) There will be a set time that TCC will come to the High School to help you fill out the online application and administer the Pre-Assessment Activity (PAA).

4 How to Enroll? 4) Texas Success Initiative (TSI) Assessment will take place on the high school campus in the spring (or possibly at TCC Campus, unless otherwise exempt). The TSI Assessment is the approved placement test used by educational institutions to assist in determining if a student is prepared for a college-level courses and to aid institutions in making course placement decisions. Students will take the Reading, Writing, and Math portion of the TSI

5 How to Enroll? 5) Immediately following the test, the student will receive results to go over with their counselor as to what classes they are eligible for. The first test is FREE, if you need to re-test, the fee is $11 6). If the student is exempt based on other official test scores (ACT, SAT, PSAT, STAAR) an original and official copy must be submitted to their high school counselor.

6 How to Enroll? 7) Once the student signs the Early High School Enrollment Form with their counselor, the Dual Credit Coordinator will pick up the completed packet to get the students enrolled in the correct course section at their high school. 8) Once students are enrolled in class, they will need to make a payment either through their TCC WebAdvisor account or make a payment in person at any TCC Business Services Office.

7 Deadline for Applications For students wanting to register for fall/spring 2015-2016 school year, all testing and paper work should be completed by TCC and CHHS/GHS deadlines. (TBD)

8 Step-by-Step Dual Credit Enrollment Step-by-Step Notify Counselor that you are interested in Dual Credit Complete TCC application/Active Apply online If student is not exempt, Pre-Activity Assessment and TSI is needed See Counselor to sign up for classes based on TSI scores, or re- test if needed START FINISH TCC Connect staff will register students in correct course sections at the High School Students will make a payment (online through WebAdvisor or at TCC Business Services Office)

9 Dual Credit Requirements Dual Credit students must meet course prerequisite requirements before enrolling in classes. Students may enroll in up to two Dual Credit courses per semester. Students are required to make a TCC grade of “C” or better in all Dual Credit courses to continue in the Dual Credit Program.

10 Dual Credit Requirements Student may not drop a Dual Credit course without permission from the high school counselor. It is the student’s responsibility to notify his/her counselor. Students must attend class 85% of the time, failure to do so may result in the professor dropping you from class.

11 TCC Courses in GCISD English III – 4 courses for 12 college hours English IV – 4 courses for 12 college hours US Government – 1 course for 3 hours US Macro Economics – 1 course for 3 hours College Algebra – 1 course for 3 hours College Calculus – 1 course for 5 hours (CHHS only)

12 Dual Credit vs. AP An Investment with Benefits Dual Credit vs. AP Dual Credit Guaranteed college credit upon successful completion of course. AP Classes No guarantee upon completion of course; must pass state exam score with a 3 or above. Examples: Baylor-4 Economics, 3 Government, 5 Psychology OU-3 English, 5 Economics, 3 Government TCU-3 English, 4 Economics, 3 Government UT-4 History, 4 Economics, 4 Psychology

13 Access to Tarrant County College (TCC) Resources An Investment with Benefits Access to Tarrant County College (TCC) Resources Career and Employment Services Financial Aid Services Library State of the art computer labs Academic Learning Center

14 Costs: $165 per course ($55/credit hour). Financial Aid may be available. High school students who have earned 24 college credits or more upon graduation save about $15,000.

15 How to be Successful … High School Class vs. College Class College Classes: Student Responsibility (accountability) Communication with professor Attendance will be taken daily. Tarrant County College (TCC) policy allows faculty to withdraw students for excessive absences. Involvement in extracurricular activities does not excuse the student from course responsibilities. Syllabus outlines configuration of grades. The syllabus is the contract with the instructor. Students taking a 3-semester hour class should set aside a minimum of 6 hours per week to study.

16 Dual Credit Textbooks After the student has received a Dual Credit schedule from their high school counselor, they will obtain their textbook(s) at Follett Bookstore. Students may purchase the textbooks online, if they choose to write in the book, through the Follett Bookstore at Students must have their textbooks on the first day of class.

17 Contact Information Northeast Service Area Tamesha Hilliard-Daniels 817-515-1650

18 TSI exempt status PSAT (juniors only) 107 composite 50 ELA SAT Verbal/Writingmin 500 Mathmin 500 Combined 1070 ACT Englishmin 19 Mathmin 19 Composite 23

19 Paperwork Students must attend informational meeting in February (parents optional) Students will attend a late summer or early fall mandatory meeting at TCC or home high school campus (to be determined) CHHS Students must attend on Fridays - transcripts, senior forum … Students must follow guidelines for registration

20 Summer Enrollment – Social Studies Must enroll before school is out! US Government, Macro Economics –Session I- begins before school is out –Session II (this one might work better because of high school dates)

21 Commitment Forms Commitment and information forms are available at the front. Commitment forms are due by Wed. March 18 th.

22 Additional Dual Meetings Feb 11 th at GHS Auditorium 6:30 PM Feb 24 th CHHS Auditorium 6:30 PM (You may attend either meeting) Sign in today at the front to mark your attendance at the meeting for registration purposes.


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