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Dual Enrollment Options Presented by the GHS Counseling Department 2014-15.

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1 Dual Enrollment Options Presented by the GHS Counseling Department 2014-15

2 Information you should know

3 College Transcripts Dual enrollment courses earn high school and COLLEGE credit. This is the start of your college transcript The right student must be aware that this is the start of your professional career path.

4 Choices 2014-15 English III and IV US Government Macro Economics College Algebra Calculus – (Concurrent) *College Credit only (IF a student must drop a class for failure, must drop ALL related DUAL classes! )

5 Rising Juniors- (12 hours/ year) Fall 1301 and 1302 (Comp 1 and 2) Spring 2327 and 2328 (American Lit 1 and 2) Senior year: (12 hours/ year): Fall: 2322 and 2223 (British Lit 1 and 2) Spring: 2307 (Creative Writing) and 2311 (Business and Technical Writing)

6 Rising Seniors Fall- 1301 and 1302 (Comp 1 and 2); Spring 2322 and 2323 (British Lit 1 and 2)

7 TCC General Information English III – 4 courses for 12 college hours English IV – 4 courses for 12 college hours US Government – 1 course for 3 hours US Macro Economics – 1 course for 3 hours College Algebra – 1 course for 3 hours College Calculus – 1 course for 5 hours

8 Admissions for Dual Enrollment

9 Criteria for Admit Must be a sophomore or junior in good standing GPA of 80 or higher Permission from high school Taken the TSI, or be TSI exempt All math classes must take the TSI (no calculators allowed)

10 TSI exempt status PSAT (rising juniors only) 107 composite 50 ELA SAT Verbal/Writingmin 500 Mathmin 500 Combined 1070 ACT Englishmin 19 Mathmin 19 Composite 23

11 Candidates Independent worker Attends school regularly Strong reader and writer Mature Check out how credit will be evaluated at college or university of choice

12 Meetings and Responsibilities

13 Paperwork Students must attend GHS informational meeting in February (parents optional) Students will attend a summer mandatory meeting at TCC or GHS (to be determined) Students must attend on Fridays as required by GHS Students must follow guidelines for registration

14 Dual Enrollment Forms Early High School Enrollment form GHS transcript Scholarship form if applicable Students will receive a letter in late June with information for packet pick up at GHS during the summer. Registration at TCC must be completed by August 1st.

15 Finances

16 Cost of Dual Enrollment $55.00 per credit hour - $165 per 3 hour class Cost of text books Cost is per TCC semester! (there are 4 separate Eng. Classes!)

17 Financial Aid Students who qualify for free and reduced lunch should consider applying for financial aid for TCC courses (See Mrs. Wallace for info) Begin by filling out FAFSA on line at You must go out to TCC to discuss process with a financial aid counselor. Do this as soon as you fill out FAFSA.

18 Additional Opportunities

19 Summer enrollment - Mathematics Calculus available on TCC campus (For college credit only) College Algebra available on TCC campus (1.0 HS Credit for Advanced Algebra) Must enroll and take TSI by April 12 th (See TCC website)

20 Summer Enrollment – Social Studies Must enroll by May 2014 US Government, Macro Economics Session II (works better with high school calendar)

21 Dual Enrollment Packets - Fall Packets with all necessary information will be available in June and a letter will be sent home for students to come pick it up in the main office Registration at TCC is due by August 1st. After this deadline, all students will be placed in regular GHS classes. Be sure to take care of these deadlines early and avoid long lines and the frustration of procrastination!

22 Summer School? Consider TCC classes if you plan to take US Government or Macroeconomics Cost is less than high school summer school and you get college credit! You must request transcript from TCC and submit to GHS registrar to receive high school credit.

23 Dual Enrollment - Summer Sign list to get packet early with Mrs. Wallace (Sign before you leave today!) Take TSI at TCC or go take the SAT/ACT. All math classes require the TSI.

24 Could you be a Dual student?

25 Dual enrollment tips Great choice for the right student! Student must be independent and in class to be successful Must meet all deadlines G.P.A. transfers to next college Student will have to send TCC transcripts when applying for college during senior year

26 Let’s Problem Solve… Make sure you turn in all work ON TIME. Use turnitin to check for plagiarism. Register and get books early – borrow from a current student Get help if you need it on the TCC campus– grades begin your college transcript Is this the right choice for YOU?

27 Additional Dual Meetings Feb 18 th Feb 19 th Feb 20 st Sign up on the GHS counseling website. Before and after school and lunch meetings are available.

28 Be responsible Attend and sign in for all Dual meetings LISTEN TO ANNOUNCEMENTS FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION. Can check on web site if miss during class.

29 SIGN IN PLEASE….. We have attendance sheets-please make sure you sign in Pick up a commitment / information sheet if you are proceeding with Dual classes and return to Mrs. Wallace ASAP.

30 OK- you’re interested but not sure.. What do you do now? Put the Dual class in your Skyward requests in your course selections (plus put in the other English class you might take as an alternate) Then you will be able to see both for ARENA scheduling.

31 THEN….. Bring back the commitment form with parent signature by FEBRUARY 26 ( the last day of course selection) BUT if you change your mind between now and your ARENA date – you can still take Dual out of your schedule. I will remove anyone with no commitment form or meeting on Feb. 27 th.

32 Questions?

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