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food healthy food junk food chicken fish meat noodles rice.

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2 food healthy food junk food

3 chicken fish

4 meat

5 noodles rice

6 e. a. soup cake bread

7 t sandwich

8 soup

9 ham

10 salad

11 pudding

12 chips French fries

13 hamburger

14 hot dog

15 ice cream

16 chocolate biscuit

17 pie

18 cookies

19 porn corn

20 i. j. apple grapes

21 peach bananas

22 lemon mango

23 orange

24 watermelon

25 pineapple

26 pear

27 kiwi

28 blueberry

29 tomato

30 potato

31 carrots

32 chilies

33 Chinese cabbage

34 peanuts

35 cucumber

36 corn

37 eggplant

38 cabbage

39 b. milk

40 orange juice

41 lemonade

42 hot chocolate

43 tea

44 coffee

45 beer

46 wine

47 pineapplepineapples cucumber cucumbers strawberrystrawberries grapegrapes

48 a bowl of soup

49 c. a bowl of soup a bowl of rice

50 a slice of steak

51 a slice of bread

52 a carton of milk two cartons of apple juice

53 a can of tuna fish three cans of tuna fish

54 a bottle of water two bottles of milk

55 A Healthy Lifestyle

56 I am allergic to dairy products, and I feel itchy whenever I drink milk. The doctor is checking my blood pressure, and find out it is too high. Do you know the importance of balanced diet? have a balanced diet– eat the right food and right amount

57 If you do not eat healthy food one day, eat it on the next day. If I don’t eat healthy food one day. Give Suggestion! on the next day

58 If I don’t enjoy vegetables. What can I do? Give Suggestion! If you do not enjoy vegetables, eat more fruit every day. more fruit

59 I have a cold! Ah…ah…ah… choo-oo. If you have a cold, don’t drink cold water Give Suggestion! ice water

60 If I am fat. If you are fat, have a balanced diet. a balanced diet Give Suggestion!

61 If I have high blood pressure. If you have high blood pressure, do not eat too much fatty food. Give Suggestion! fatty food

62 soy milk I am allergic to dairy products. If you are allergic to dairy products, drink soy milk. Give Suggestion!

63 a bad kidney If you have a bad kidney, do not eat too much salty food. If I have a bad kidney.. Give Suggestion! salty food

64 My favorite drink— strawberry banana smoothie Do you know how to make it?

65 peel peel the apple

66 slice slice the potato

67 and slice the bananas. First

68 Then

69 Next

70 After that

71 First peel and slice the bananas.

72  Then wash and cut off the top of the strawberries.

73  Next put the bananas and the strawberries into the blender.

74  After that pour the milk and the yogurt into the blender and turn on the blender.

75 If you want to stay healthy, drink banana strawberry smoothie

76 junk food or healthy food? why? useful expressions I think … is a kind of healthy food because it contains lot of ________. …is tasty but it makes you fat. I don’t like ________ because it contains lot of sugar. I like …because it is fresh and healthy.

77 fat fresh healthy food junk food sugar tasty Can you match them together? Wb. P146 Exe5 overweight food that is new thing that makes food sweet delicious food that is not healthy food that is unhealthy

78 Read the passage and match the headings with the paragraphs a. What’s healthy food? b. Getting things done. c. What’s on the menu? d. Improving school menu. Para 2 Para 4 Para 1 Para 3

79 Read the passage carefully and complete the table. Write notes. Typical school meal Disadvantages of junk food Healthy food Making changes to the diet Hamburgers, chips, ice cream, fruit. Bad for body, children difficult to teach after junk food. meat, rice, pasta, vegetable, fruit. Don’t eat junk food. Eat healthy food.

80 Complete the sentences 1. In 2005, Jamie Oliver went back to school to _______________________________. 2. The teachers found that children whose _________________________________ _________________________________. 3. When he went into class with vegetables, Jamie found out that _________________ ________________________. see what the children are eating midday meals were unhealthy were difficult to teach in the afternoon the children didn’t know what they were

81 4. When Jamie changed the menu,________ ________________________________ at first. 5. Jamie wanted the government to_________ ___________________. a lot of teenagers refuse to eat the new food ban junk food from school

82 Complete the sentences with the words in the box ban cook diet improve junk food persuade Jamie Oliver is a (1)______ whose idea is to(2) __________school dinners.(3)__________ isn’t just a problem for the body, because children whose(4)_____isn’t healthy can’t concentrate on their schoolwork. We should(5)______ it from school menus and(6)__________ children to choose healthy food instead. cook improveJunk food diet ban persuade

83 Are you in good health? 1. What junk food do you like? 2. How can you improve your diet? 3. Do you think junk food should be banned? 4. What can you do to persuade people to eat healthy food? 5. Is it important to have healthy meal at school? 6 Would you like to be a cook?

84 Macau, my home!

85 The tallest building in Macau The Macau Tower

86 The Ruins of Saint Paul

87 A-Ma Temple

88 The Venetian Macau the biggest casino in the world

89 Lotus Square– remember the handover of Macau to China

90 Welcome to Macau!

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