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Choosing to Live Tobacco- Free Teens and Tobacco Benefits of living Tobacco-Free Quitting Tobacco Use.

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1 Choosing to Live Tobacco- Free Teens and Tobacco Benefits of living Tobacco-Free Quitting Tobacco Use

2 Fewer teens are starting to use tobacco The number of nonsmokers in the U.S., including teens is on the rise. However, some teens are influenced by tobacco company advertisements and other pressures. Teens start smoking falsely believing smoking help control weight or cope with stress, with help them mature or be more independent. Fact smoking reduces body’s capacity for physical activity, actually leads to weight gain, health problems caused by tobacco use and nicotine dependency increases the chances of higher stress level Teens can also be influenced by tobacco products being used by movies, TV, and advertisements, media images can have a convincing affect on young people



5 CDC reports that 88% of high school students nation wide do not smoke, this is up from 65% just a few years ago Tobacco legislation: in 1998, tobacco companies and 46 states reached a legal settlement that restricts tobacco advertising aimed at young people, they are required to fund ads that discourage young people from smoking; it is illegal to purchase tobacco in the U.S under the age of 18 No-smoking policies: legislation has limited smoking in public places and businesses Family values: teens whose parents avoid tobacco are more likely to avoid it themselves Positive peer pressure: teens who do not smoke act as healthy role models for other teens Health risks: more teens understand that tobacco can lead to diseases

6 A tobacco-free lifestyle has many benefits Strategies for avoiding tobacco: –Surround yourself with positive influences: people who share your healthy-living values and beliefs with strengthen commitment –Reduce peer pressure: stay away from situations where tobacco products may be used, reduce the chance of being pressured to use tobacco –Be prepared with refusal skills: practice in advance what you will say if offered, be assertive, leave the situation if the pressure continues, be confident and stand up for healthy choices

7 There are good reasons for quitting tobacco use They begin to have health problems, such as asthma, coughing, or respiratory infections They realize the high cost of tobacco or find it difficult to purchase tobacco products if they are under 18 They realize that using tobacco can lead toother risky behaviors, such as the use of alcohol and other drugs They understand the damaging effects of secondhand smoke and do not want to harm others They feel more powerful because they are not controlled by an addiction to nicotine

8 Overcoming nicotine addiction can be difficult Common to experience symptoms of nicotine withdrawal – process that occurs in the body when nicotine, an addictive drug is no longer used (irritability, difficulty concentration, anxiety, sleep disturbances, and cravings for tobacco) To relieve symptoms use nicotine substitutes – products that deliver small amounts of nicotine into the user’s system while they are trying to give up the tobacco habit (gum, patches, nasal sprays, and inhalers) Some are OTC, others will require a doctor’s prescriptions

9 Getting help to quit tobacco use: –Prepare for the quit day: set a target date, stick to it –Get support and encouragement: tell everyone your plan –Access professional health services: seek advice from doctor, enroll in a tobacco cessation program – a course that provides information and help to people who want to stop using tobacco –Replace tobacco use with healthy behaviors: sugarless gum or carrots until craving stops, physical activity, good nutrition, avoiding drugs and alcohol, use stress-management techniques

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