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Choosing to Live Tobacco Free

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1 Choosing to Live Tobacco Free
Lesson 2

2 Reduced Tobacco Use among Teens
Anti-smoking campaigns Gov’t restricted advertising. Financial cost-Cigs cost $$$, spend $$ on other healthy things. Societal Pressures-Gov’t is now limiting where you can smoke. Family influences-Strong parent pressure. 90% of Adult smokers start when they’re teens

3 Trends in smoking

4 Ideas for Preventing Tobacco use
Choose friends who don’t use-- be around people who share your values Avoid situations where Tobacco may be used -stay away from pressure situations Practice refusal skills— Be polite, be assertive, add humor, leave if pressure continues

5 Why do teens smoke....…??

6 Why Teens use??? 1. Peer pressure.
2. Feeling of insecurity in social situations. 3. Makes then seem or feel older. 4. Advertising making smoking seem attractive. 5. They think the bad effects of smoking will only occur after many years. 6. They believe they can quit at any time. 7. Family members do it.

7 Reasons to Quit if you use……
Health problems occur: asthma, respiratory infections They have desire, will & commitment to quit They realize the cost$$$ Gateway drug to other bad things They find it difficult to buy-18 yrs old They realize the bad effects on others

8 Beating Addiction Nicotine withdrawal-the process that occurs in the body when nicotine is no longer used. Withdrawal includes: irritability, poor concentration, anxiety, poor sleep, cravings for more.

9 1. Filters The use of filters over several weeks. Each filter reduces the amount of tar and nicotine gradually.

10 2. Nicotine Substitutes Gum
These are forms of Nicotine delivered in small amounts to gradually reduce nicotine cravings.

11 3. The Patch is placed on the body and gives off decreasing amounts of nicotine over time.

12 4. Nasal Spray Patients spray a prescription of nicotine into the nose 1 or 2 times an hour. This system allows the nicotine to get into the blood stream faster.

13 5. Combinations Many people are trying a combination of these products. Because Nicotine is so addictive patients must gradually cut the dose until no nicotine is used at all.

14 Benefits of Quitting Physical Benefits: Improved physical endurance
Physical fitness increases Easier to breathe Reduced chances of heart disease, attacks and strokes

15 More Benefits of Quitting
Social and Emotional Benefits: Sense of freedom as if a burden has been lifted. No more finding a place to smoke. No more disapproving glances from non-smokers. More Money saved. $$$$$$$

16 Tips for Quitting Set a specific date to quit. Reason Why to quit.
Set short term goals (ex. cut down to 1 pack a day in a week) Decide which approaches will work best for you. Get your environment ready for new smoke free life. Set up support systems (ex. Get a friend to remind you of your goals)

17 Topics for Discussion 1. What quitting strategies would work best for a long-term vs. a short-term smoker? 2. Your best friend is smoking but you don’t’ approve what things can you do the help them stop? 3. Why does “Big Tobacco” target Teens in Ad’s. list multiple reasons

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