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Coast Survey Development Laboratory National Ocean Service, NOAA Mary Erickson March 2011.

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1 Coast Survey Development Laboratory National Ocean Service, NOAA Mary Erickson March 2011

2 Space Time Phenomena of Interest Space Time Observing Systems Observations & OSSE IOOS, NESDIS, OAR, JCSDA Data Assimilation & OSE NESDIS, NWS, OAR, JCSDA Operational Ocean and Coastal Forecast Guidance NOS, NWS Ops Products and Services Research Operations Giant Bluefin Tuna HAB Bulletin ENSO Update

3 Actively manage these interfaces, through community modeling partnerships Research and Development Academia, IOOS Regional Associations, Research components of NOAA & other Fed Agencies Private Sector Evaluation and Testing, Development, Transition to Operations Operations Value Added Product Development

4  Requirements-driven; ◦ Meets a well defined mission need  Timely and Reliable; ◦ Runs regularly & automatically in real time (24x7)  Demonstrates improvement; decreased uncertainty  Can fit well in the operational framework ◦ Standardized formats, methodologies  Integrated QC (integrity guaranteed)  Stability & commitment for the model life-cycle

5  A community approach… ◦ Allows for open discussion of strengths and weaknesses of different models ◦ Elucidates the requirements of a common shared infrastructure ◦ Allows model improvements to be shared effectively ◦ Advances the science (R2O/ O2R) ◦ Leverages resources and amplifies the voice of the community

6 1.Define criteria for transition and actively use these guidelines in partnership activities  Includes methods, standards and criteria for evaluating modeling systems (skill scores, etc.)  Support transition through NOAA modeling involvement in key partnerships with academia, state and local governments, and industry.  Examples: ROMS; ADCIRC; HYCOM communities 2.Create environments for evaluation and prototyping; shared datasets  Working, high quality grids, forcing, observations, in a shared resource  Example: Grid catalog; Delaware Bay Model Evaluation Environment

7 3.Articulate “best” data management practices Ex: Model outputs in standard formats for ingest into GIS for analysis, mapping, and visualization 4.Follow and develop community framework and infrastructure: Earth System Modeling Framework -Model coupling, numerics, gridding techniques, etc. 5.Systems Approach: Integrating streamflow, runoff, water levels, waves, currents, T, S, etc. Ocean and atmosphere systems linked Physical-biochemical systems linked

8  Early involvements of Operations Center; agreed to operational or “applications” pathway  Clear plans and schedules; business case (ties back to customer value)  Clear funding for full life-cycle, including O+M  Routine check-in with key stakeholders – including management  Anticipate the unexpected

9 o Support of safe & efficient navigation o Water levels for under-keel clearance o Currents for right-of-way, maneuverability o Future-chart w/forecast water levels and real time o bathymetry o Inundation o Storm Surge o Sea Level Rise o Note also: Coastal flooding, tsunami o Emergency response  HAZMAT  Homeland Security  Search & Rescue o For environmentally sound management of the coastal zone  Ecosystem applications  Marine geospatial applications (CMSP)  Energy, Arctic Salinity SST

10  Already seeing benefits from improved communication and awareness of operational constructs.  Which sets of issues are we trying to improve on? Which part of the cycle?  Interdisciplinary is key; and its hard


12 PURPOSE:  Simplify Data Handling & Maintenance  Provide a Single System for all Locations  Provide a Single Source Graphics and Web Pages  Share Skill Assessment and Evaluation Tools  Provide a Single NOS Model Image to Users (NetCDF)  Various Models considered ◦ ADCIRC, ECOM, EFDC, ELCIRC, FVCOM, MECCA, POM, QUODDY, ROMS ◦ NOS has selected ROMS and FVCOM as the basis for new OFSsto select two or three “corporate” models

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