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Ecommerce Retail Case Study Podium Advertising Technologies Ltd. adCore™ V3.0.

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1 Ecommerce Retail Case Study Podium Advertising Technologies Ltd. adCore™ V3.0

2 Outline 1.adCore™ V3.0 Overview 2.Buying Cycle 3.Background 4.Solution 5.Results 5.1 Total Conversions 5.2 Conversion Rate & Cost/Conversion 6.Specific Product Model vs. Generic Campaigns 6.1 Cost vs. Conversions

3 1. adCore™ V3.0 Overview adCore™ is a Web based advertising technology used to fully automate paid search activity in Google AdWords™, Yahoo! Search™ and Microsoft adCenter™. Offers a complete integration and synchronization between websites and their online campaigns, enabling advertisers to show real-time prices and automatically update inventory changes. Automatically generate keywords, ads and ad groups, helping clients better react to changes in market conditions. Automate bid management based on ROI (Return on Investment) goals. Cross channel reports summarizing daily, weekly and monthly activities straight to the client’s email.

4 2. Buying Cycle  As customers move along the buying cycle to the purchase stage, keywords should become more specific, leading to a higher CTR and conversion rate. * Table is taken from the Yahoo! Search Marketing ambassador program.

5 3. Background Podium's client is an online reseller of designer clothing focused on men's jeans and apparel. Target markets: United States, Canada, UK, Western Europe and smaller International markets Goals for the campaign were set based on the campaigns old activity run by the client in house Goals 1.Increase the conversion rate. 2.Increase the total number of conversions. 3.Increase the company’s ROI.

6 4. Solution Podium set up a strategy based on two types of campaigns. Generic campaigns were developed for the inform and shop stages of the buying cycle. Through adCore, Podium dynamically inserted prices in the ad text while targeting customers during the purchase phase of the buying cycle. Diesel Jeans Zathan 71J 240.00$ Website Automatic Integration Schedule: Update Tuesdays Automatic Optimization adCore ™ Zathan 71J $240 Men’s Diesel jeans sale! Free 2-3 day shipping. Order now. GoogleGoogle

7 5. Results % ChangeadCore ™ AccountOld AccountCriteria 43.8%$0.50$0.89 Average CPC 362%1.71%0.37% Conversion Rate 79%$50.72$237.72 Cost/ Conversion

8 5. Results: Oct. 21/07 – Dec. 13/07 Average CPC ranged from $0.40 to $0.58 after the initial decrease from the old average CPC level of $0.89. Total conversions increased on week to week bases; achieving a 300% increase in total conversions in mid November before the holiday season began. Conversion rate increased from 0.51% to 1.23% and reached 1.71% during the holiday season. Cost/conversion lowered from $113.50 to $38.30 and reached $32.56 during the holiday season.

9 5.1 Total Conversions

10 5.2 Conversion Rate & Cost/Conversion

11 6. Specific Product Model vs. Generic Campaigns adCore automatically generated the campaigns ad groups, ad variations and keywords based on the client's inventory level. adCore automatically paused keywords and ad groups that were no longer in stock and updated campaigns with new keywords based on the new product models being introduced to the market. % DifferenceProduct Models Campaigns (adCore) Generic Campaigns Criteria 282.6%6.39%1.67% CTR 290.5%3.28%0.84% Conversion Rate 74.1%$15.01$57.92 Cost/ Conversion

12 6.1 Cost vs. Conversions By long tailing the thousands of specific products through adCore, Podium was able to increase total conversions and reduce the overall cost/conversion. Specific product models accounted for 4% of the total cost and generated 14% of the total conversions.

13 7. adCore™ V3.0 Full integration between the website’s inventory levels and online campaigns. Dynamic insertion of prices within ad texts, helping increase CTR and overall conversion rates.

14 7. adCore™ V3.0 Ad group and keyword level bid management based on your ROI goals. Analytics reports through the system as well as scheduled email reports on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, keeping you updated at all times.

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