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Moving Beyond the Search Silo. Before There was Adtech, There was Search.

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1 Moving Beyond the Search Silo

2 Before There was Adtech, There was Search

3 It Was a Great Time To Be a Search Marketer Keyword Portfolio Cost related Return related 12 3 4 5 6 high

4 Changing Landscape of Digital Marketing Audienceification of Search Searchification of Display Performance of Social

5 Audiences are the New Keywords

6 Audience in Search – The Next Phase of Search Optimization March 2014 data from excluding young drivers in Motors +5%ps in conversion rate pre & post roll out Identify the audience before they land on your site. Filter out unprofitable clicks/traffic.

7 7 Adjust Messaging based on Audience Data Non-member Member

8 Adjusting Search Bids Based on Audience Data

9 Google RLSAs drove higher CTRs at lower CPCs

10 Emerging Trends: Cross-channel - 47% of revenue comes from purchases made in more than one day (Google) - 65% of revenue comes from purchases made in more than one step (Google) - Search Engines and Social Networks are the top two sources of used to research purchase decisions (eMarketer)

11 Search Intent The key to cross-channel advertising

12 Customers Who Touch Both Channels Are More Valuable Search + Social Touches = Better Performance 2X higher conversion rate, 2X higher revenue / click than Search only 4.5X higher conversion rate, 4X higher revenue / click than Social only Focus on Acquiring Customers Across Channels Focusing on a single channel ignores the customers’ path to conversion Focusing on a single channel limits the potential results you can achieve Google Click Facebook Click Only Google Click Only 3.56% CR $3.16 RPC 1.88% CR $1.56 RPC.76% CR $.77 RPC * Source: Marin Software’s Combining the Power of Search and Social for Exponential ROI report

13 Marketers who simultaneously retargeted across Facebook and the Web had better performance in both channels compared to marketers who retargeted in only one of those channels Retargeting across channels leads to higher performance

14 What challenges do marketers have with retargeting? Cross-channel retargeting can help address some of the top challenges marketers have with retargeting

15 Search Intent The key to cross-channel advertising

16 How can search intent help marketers retarget across channels? A home improvement retailer wants to identify and target high ROI users A fashion company wants to market to customers with specific personas A travel company wants to reduce its costs on generic keywords 3 challenge scenarios:

17 Three cross-channel solutions 1.Reach high-ROI visitors by search behavior 2.Customer persona-based retargeting 3.Maximizing cross-channel reach and efficiency

18  How should retargeting these two types of users differ?  The keyword is critical to understanding this dynamic Approach #1 – Optimizing for ROI by search behavior ROI for Generic Terms: 12% Brand searchersGeneric searchers ROI for keywords including variations of your brand name: 7383%* *actual client data

19 Create specific strategies for each audience segment Brand Loyal Generic Basics  Brand adjusted ROI expectation  Cross sell message?  Save budget? For consideration  Brand bidding in Search?  Drive Web to App adoption? Basics  Adjusted ROI expectation  Aggressive Offer Messaging?  Brand awareness For consideration  True value of generic?  Frequency Cap high cost terms?

20 Approach #2 – Using search intent to create broad customer personas 45 YEARS OLD 250K HH INCOME FORMAL + CONSERVATIVE 29 YEARS OLD 110K HH INCOME TRENDY + CONVENIENCE SEARCH IDENTIFIERS INCLUDE:  Trending brands  Funky designs  Hot colors  Free or Fast Shipping  In-store discounts SEARCH IDENTIFIERS INCLUDE:  Classic brands  Conservative styles  Online shipping  Past customer  Searches using retail store names

21 Search persona retargeting – use dimensions to categorize Persona 1 Persona 2 Hip, Trendy Classic Search dimensions

22 Some acquisition channels are necessarily expensive Approach #3 – Maximizing cross-channel reach and efficiency

23 Redirect spending from high-cost channels Hotels NYC audience NYC Hotels Limitations of a high- cost acquisition channel  CPA Target: $100  CR: 3%  CPC: $12.00  Expected CPA: $400 -100% RLSA Bid Expand reach in more cost-efficient channels  Circa $0.50 CPCs  CPA Target: $100  CR: 3%  Spent: $12.00  Budget Left: $88

24 Search Intent Retargeting: The key to cross-channel advertising

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