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Philosophers and Writers of the Golden Age

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1 Philosophers and Writers of the Golden Age
Chapter 6 Section 2 Philosophers and Writers of the Golden Age

2 Philosophy The study of basic questions of reality & human existence
Great Greek achievement “Lover of Wisdom” Natural laws & truths could be discovered through reason


4 Socrates Athenian - Education – key to personal growth
Students should learn to think for themselves. Socratic Method – questions to teach Critic of democracy – unskilled rule

5 Socrates Falsely accused of denying the existence of the gods and corrupting the youth At trial refused to deny his teachings – Found guilty and executed Drank hemlock


7 Plato Socrates’ greatest student Recorded Socrates’ ideas
Taught Socrates’ teachings The Academy – school in Athens Dialogues or Discussions Dealt w/ Government, religion, justice, and education

8 Plato -“Theory of Forms”
Material things an imperfect expression of perfect ideas or forms Perfection could never be reached in physical world Humans consisted of two parts: body and soul

9 Plato - The Republic Written dialogue of Plato’s view of a perfect society and government Aristocracy – governed by upper class based on wisdom not wealth/birth - ideal


11 Aristotle Student of Plato at the Academy – opened school
All subjects should be studied logically Classified things (science) Facts organized into systems

12 Aristotle Ethics – What makes people happy?
Poetics – What makes a good or bad play Studied politics – all forms could be corrupt Wanted limited democracy


14 1787 oil painting by Jacques-Louis David
Socrates taking the helock

15 Science No practical scientific knowledge developed
Foundations of anatomy, botany, and zoology laid by Aristotle Greeks believed the world could be explained through natural laws Reason v. Superstition

16 Math Pythagoras: believed everything could be explained by math Developed Pythagorean theorem A2+b2=c2

17 Medicine Hippocrates: founder of medical science
Disease from natural sources not a punishment from the gods “Hippocratic Oath”: still take this pledge today. Code of Ethics

18 History Greeks 1st to take written history seriously
Herodotus – “father of history” Traveled around world Thucydides – understand Human nature through history History of the Peloponnesian War Made history accurate and fair.

19 Drama Plays containing action, dialogue, conflict, emotion
Plays in poetic form 2-3 actors speak lines Chorus describes action All men no women Plays performed in outdoor theaters carved into hillside


21 Tragedies Main character struggles against fate or events
Usually defeated in the end. Punished for hubris (pride) Sophocles and Euripides: famous tragic writers

22 Comedies Made fun of ideas and people Tragic and humorous figures
Aristophanes: most famous writer of Greek comedy

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