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Tao Zhuang Middle School: Liu Wei

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1 Tao Zhuang Middle School: Liu Wei
Our School Life Tao Zhuang Middle School: Liu Wei

2 Jia Shan No.1 Middle School
School activities Jia Shan No.1 Middle School

3 School activities

4 School activities



7 make a speech (演讲)


9 School activities our school life

10 Make a survey : 1. What time does your school day start?
2. Do you think this is too late or too early? 3. What time does your school day finish? 4. Do you think this is too early or too late? 5. How long is your lunchtime? Is it too long or too short? 6. Do you like to go on school trip? (Y/N) 7. Where do you like to go?

11 8. What subjects do you like best?
9.What sports do you like best? 10. Are there lots of tests for you? Do you like it? (Y/N) 11. Sometimes you feel tired , don't you?

12 Is it your ideal(理想的)school?

13 Daming's dream school

14 Daming 's ideal school school day start time school day finish time
lunchtime subjects 9 a.m 3 p.m two hours Maths and computer facilities(设施) after-school activities park, library,tennis court, swimming pool, shopping mall school trip

15 My ideal school ---by Daming I like to get up late, so my ideal school starts at 9 a.m. It finishes at 3 p.m. We have two hours for lunch. There is a big dining hall. We can eat lunch and chat there. We eat fruit and vegetables every day. We have Maths and Computer lessons every day because I think they are very interesting.My ideal school has a park on one side and a shopping mall on the other. We have a big library with lots of useful books. We also have a tennis court and a swimming pool. There are lots of clubs and after-school activities. We only have half an hour of homework every day, and we do not do homework at weekends. Every month, we go on a school trip to a museum or a cinema.

16 Report Our ideal school(about 60 words) KEY WORDS ARTICLE
school day start time school day finish time lunchtime subjects facilities(设施) after-school activities

17 In some (农村), many children have to (辍学). countryside
drop out of school

18 Because their family is very big. They are very (贫穷).

19 Sometimes they have to (照顾)their family because their parents are ill.
look after

20 Many poor children can’t (接受教育)
because their family are poor. But they want to go to school. get an education

21 Although (尽管)some children can go to School, but the schools are not good.

22 Some of them only can go to the school with no
( 电)and a few books. electricity

23 People (筹钱)for the Hope School.

24 (希望工程)has built many schools.
With the money, (希望工程)has built many schools. Project Hope

25 now they can go to school.
With the help of (在…的帮助下)Project Hope, now they can go to school.

26 many children have better lives.
(多亏)Project Hope, many children have better lives. Thanks to

27 Fill in the blanks using the words given:
(raise/ train/ thousands of/ pay for/ study/ help/ drop out of/ difficult/ abroad/ who/ library/ poor) Project Hope _________money from people at home and _________.It helps _______children ___ can’t go to school. It ________ their education. It builds schools and _______ and it _____teachers. Some children in the countryside ________school because they have to _________with the farm work. We can go to school and _________, but for ____children it’s__________ to go to school. has raised abroad thousands of who pays for libraries trains drop out of help study poor difficult

28 learn to cherish(珍惜) Cherish life Cherish the oppotunity of study
Cherish the time Cherish the happiness Cherish our emotion Cherish everything/everybody we have

29 Write your speech. 1. Decide who you want to thank. 2. Decide what you want to thank him \her for. 3. Think of examples of why you want to thank him \her. 4. Finish your speech by giving best wishes for the future.

30 To my best friend Daming
Well,it doesn’t seem long since I met you in the school for the first time. And here we are today with the year almost at an end,sadly,we’ll say goodbye.Since we were friends,I have got a lot of happiness and fun. I want to thank you for your kindness.I remembered when I was ill last December, you always came to see me in the hospital after school those days and helped me with the lessons which I couldn't understand.I was very moved.So from the bootom of my heart,I thank you all and wish you success in the future.Hope our friendship forever.

31 《auld lang syne》 友谊地久天长

32 enjoy your school life enjoy yourself Thank you!

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