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Unit 1 This is me Grammar.

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1 Unit 1 This is me Grammar

2 Make a profile of yourself

3 Millie and Simon are introducing themselves to each other
Millie and Simon are introducing themselves to each other. Complete their conversation . My name ___ Simon. I ___ 12 years old. My parents ____ from shanghai. I ___ football after school.My football team ___ the best in the world. Hello. I ___ Millie. My cousin____13 years old. There ____ three people in my family.I ___ a happy girl. is am am is are are play am is





8 go have live love take talk
Help Millie complete her profile. Use the words from the box. go have live love take talk 1.I _____ in a flat in Beijing. 2.I _____ breakfast at 7 a.m. 3.I _____ to school with my school. 4.I _____ my cousin Andy very much. 5.I _____ to my classmates at lunchtime. 6.I _____ my dog for a walk every day. live have go love talk take

9 2 以 sh,ch, th ,s,x和o结尾的动词加 es
动词的第三人称单数构成 1 直接在动词后面加 s read reads bring brings cook cooks use uses 2 以 sh,ch, th ,s,x和o结尾的动词加 es miss misses watch watches finish finishes fix fixes goes go teach teaches

10 3.以辅音字母加y结尾的,把y改成ies fly flies study studies 4.以元音字母加y结尾的动词,直接加s say says play plays 5.不规则动词 have has

11 Millie: Daniel, do you play tennis after school?
Daniel: No, I _____________ tennis after school. Millie: Does Simon play football after school? Daniel: Yes, he always _____ football after school. Millie: Does Amy walk home after school? Daniel; No, she _____________ home after school. Millie: Does she take the bus? Daniel: Yes, she ______ the bus every day. Millie: Do you like watching TV? Daniel: No, I _______________ watching TV. do not/don’t plays does not/doesn’t takes do not/don’t like

12 Hello Millie Here are some pictures of my family. I hope you and your family are well. I will write again soon. Love Raymond plays This is my father. He _____(play) tennis every day. 2. This is my mother. She ___________(not play) tennis. 3. These are my grandparents. They ____(like) watching TV 4. This is my cat. It ____(love) me. doesn’t play like loves

13 Exercises 一.用所给单词的适当形式填空
I usually ____ (go) running for half an hour at the weekend. 2. My grandparents ______ (like) watching TV very much. 3. This ___(be) my cat. It ____(love) me. 4. ____ (be) your sister a member of the Reading Club? 5. She often _____ (finish) her homework at 9:00 in the evening. 6. Cats like _____ (eat) fish. 7. We ________ (not have) a Music lesson on Thursday. 8. His uncle __________ (not get) up early on Saturday. go like is loves Is finishes eating don’t have doesn’t get

14 二. 句型转换 1.He often flies a kite in the park.(改为否定句) He ______ often ____ a kite in the park. 2.She always misses the early bus in the morning.(改为一般疑问句) _____ she always _____ the early bus in the morning? 3. Her mother usually watches TV in the evening.(提问) ____ ____ her mother usually ____ in the evening? 4.She walks home after school every day.(主语改为复数they) They _____ home after school every day. 5. Boys like playing computer games.(改为否定句) Boys _____ ______ playing computer games. doesn’t fly Does miss What does do walk don’t like


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