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Technology Safety Ways to be safe on the internet and social world.

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1 Technology Safety Ways to be safe on the internet and social world

2 What are some ways you utilize technology?

3 How are these great tools and how are they problematic? Lets look at them..





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12 Sent a message from someone else’s email or phone? Allowed someone to send a message from your account? Pretended to be someone else online? Teased someone in a message? Harassed someone in a message? Threatened someone in a message? Forwarded a (private) message without the other person’s permission? Posted pictures or information about someone without their permission? Posted mean or rude comments about someone? Spread rumors or gossip through messages or posts? Used inappropriate language? On social media, text or face time, have you ever done the following?

13 Why is this risky? You never know who will see the post - Assume that EVERYONE will including your parents, grandmother, principal, teacher, or another person’s parent. Can get you in trouble even if you aren’t the one who sent them. Can get you in trouble at school. The police could have to get involved. Even deleting messages and pictures doesn’t make them go away. It can stay on your record affect school, sports, future jobs, getting into college and peoples reputation about you. Parents see these post and have thoughts about you. Meaning doing not want their children hanging out with you.

14 How to Avoid internet troubles and cyber bullying NEVER send or post anything that you wouldn’t want everyone to see, including the person it’s about, your parents or the police Proofread before you hit send - Make sure nothing you’ve written could be taken the wrong way Make sure to keep in mind that your body language and tone of voice is not a part of the message Make sure you’re sending messages to the intended person Don’t forward messages or post anything about someone without their permission Don’t allow others to send messages from your accounts Before you send think how would I feel if my grandmother, mom, dad, teacher, principal, future employer saw this?

15 Video

16 Cyber Bullying Plan Stay calm and don’t react. Reacting gives the bully what they want and can get you in trouble. Stop what you’re doing and ignore the bully Tell the bully to stop Report to an adult what is happening

17 Cyber Bullying Plan Tell an adult what is happening and show them. Do not keep to yourself. If you get that “Uncomfortable Feeling” you need to talk to an adult about it.

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