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Virtual Safety Keeping you and your students safe in our virtual world.

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1 Virtual Safety Keeping you and your students safe in our virtual world



4 No matter what you’re doing online, the key is to be responsible for your safety. That means not making decisions like sending mean texts, posting revealing pictures, talking to people you don’t know and talking about sex. Doing just one of these things might not get you in trouble, but a combination of these behaviors can really put you at risk.

5 Control Your Online Content

6 Have you ever taken the time to read the comments on Facebook? What do you think about those people who use a lot of rude language or say offensive things? What do you think about those people who say those things? Maybe you think it is funny, but not everyone’s going to think so. A Wisconsin teen posted a picture of a marijuana plant with the comment, “My Mary Jane that’s growing in my closet right now.” Can you guess what happened next? Police officers checking social networking sites for gang activity came across this comment and arrested him. Be Careful What You Say!

7 Facebook post gets Nashville Teen EXPELLED

8 I HATE MY JOB! My boss is such a jerk! Guess you forgot you added me to your friends. YOU’RE FIRED!

9 KNOW your friends


11 Along with the people who bother you online, you can also use privacy settings to control WHO sees WHAT. On Facebook you can choose between several levels of privacy. You may want some people blocked from seeing specific parts of your page, like pictures and videos. When you are done today, check the privacy settings on the sites you’re using and make sure you’re not sharing information that you want to keep private.

12 Be Careful What You SHOW

13 It’s just a photo…right?

14 .

15 Manipulated to meet offline…

16 Be Safe

17 Predators try to manipulate their victims into believing that they care for them.

18 ANYONE can be a victim

19 Survivor Diaries

20 Anyone who sends you OBSCENE PHOTOS or VIDEOS Anyone who talks t to you about SEX Anyone who asks you to MEET OFFLINE REPORT 1-800-THE-LOST

21 Cyberbullying Look what happened after school!!

22 How it Hurts

23 You CAN’T Take It Back

24 Join in Laugh Ignore Report If you have seen gossip sites going around your school, you have a few options. You could, like the boy, choose to join in and add to the comments. You could read the gossip and laugh. You could choose to ignore it, this seems like a good idea. It keeps you out of trouble and you really aren’t doing anything mean. You do have a fourth option: you can report it. If you sit by and do nothing, you’re letting a bad situation get worse.

25 DON’T respond BLOCK/BAN the bully SAVE the evidence SET UP new accounts TELL an adult you trust REPORT

26 Are you doing the BULLYING?

27 Parents Teachers Cyberbullies Predators Future Employers

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