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Washburn High School Student “Responsible Use” Guidelines for Electronic Technologies.

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1 Washburn High School Student “Responsible Use” Guidelines for Electronic Technologies

2 Follow all District policies, rules, & regulations, especially the Internet Use Policy

3 Students are responsible for following the AUP (Acceptable Use Policy). Students who violate these regulations are subject to discipline, which may include: *loss of access privileges *suspension *paying for repairs or damages, *referral to civil or criminal system authorities for possible prosecution.

4 Use computers, mobile devices, and the network for school-related purposes.

5 Keep my usernames and passwords private. Passwords Username: iast1401 Password: itsasecret16

6 Be Polite.Treat others with respect, both online and offline. Whether online or in person, use language appropriate for school and the classroom. Have appropriate conversations in interactions with others.

7 For each question, answer if you have done this *0 for never *1 to 2 times *3 to 5 times *More than 5 times

8 1. Signed on with someone else’s screen name to gather info? Have You Ever? Example: Use your friend’s Facebook Login

9 2. Sent an e-mail or online greeting card from someone’s account other than your own? Have You Ever?

10 3. Impersonated someone over IM or online? Have You Ever?

11 4. Teased or frightened someone over IM? Have You Ever?

12 5. Not told someone who you really are online, telling them to “guess”? Have You Ever?

13 6. Forwarded a private IM conversation or e-mail without the permission of the other person? Have You Ever?

14 7. Changed your profile or away message, designed to embarrass or frighten someone? Have You Ever? Example, Posting a Facebook Status of: “Out to Lunch: With the Cool Kids!”

15 8.Posted pictures or information about someone on a Web site without their consent? Have You Ever?

16 9. Created an Internet poll, either over IM or on a Web site, about someone without their consent? Have You Ever?

17 10. Used information found online to follow, tease, embarrass or harass someone in person? Have You Ever?

18 11. Voted at an online bashing poll or posted to a guestbook saying rude or mean things? Have You Ever? Example:

19 12. Sent rude or scary comments to someone, even if you were just joking? Have You Ever?

20 13. Used offensive language online? Have You Ever?

21 14. Signed someone else up for something online without their permission? Have You Ever? Example: Set up a Facebook account for someone without permission.

22 15. Used an IM or e-mail address that looked like someone else’s to impersonate them? Have You Ever?

23 16. Used someone else’s password for any reason without their permission? Have You Ever?

24 17. Hacked into someone else’s computer or sent a virus or Trojan horse to them? Have You Ever?

25 18. Insulted someone in an interactive game room? Have You Ever?

26 19. Posted rude things or lies about someone online? Have You Ever?

27 Take out your scoring sheet and assign yourself points on the following questions based on: 0 points if you’ve never done it, 1 point if you have done it 1 or 2 times, 2 points if you have done it 3-5 times, 3 points if you have done it more than 5 times.

28 Now Calculate Your Score

29 0 – 5 Points: Congratulations! Your online behavior is exemplary! Keep up the good work! 6-10 Points: Well, you’re not perfect, but few people are. 11-18 Points: Your online behavior needs to be improved! Keep in mind that these practices are dangerous, wrong, and punishable. Try to be clean up that cyber record! More than 18: Cyber Bully You qualify as a cyberbully. You need to change your online behavior immediately. You are headed in a very bad direction.

30 Immediately tell a teacher, administrator, parent or adult when someone's comments or actions make me uncomfortable. If you are a victim of Cyberbullying don’t keep it a secret! ED By a Cyberbully

31 Respect the work of others, and try not to copy, damage, or delete their work.

32 Request permission and credit my sources when I use other people's information, pictures, media, or other work.

33 Immediately tell a teacher if I accidentally access inappropriate materials, pictures, video, or websites.

34 Seek permission from all individuals, including my classmates and teachers, before taking pictures or recording video and audio.

35 Seek permission from all individuals involved, including my classmates and teachers, before publishing or sending photos, recorded sound or video to anyone else or posting them in any online space.

36 Discussion and Questions

37 Resources

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