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Workplace Health Works Seven Oaks General Hospital Workplace Wellness Program Presented by: Sherry Mooney and Mary Lakatos November 19, 2003.

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1 Workplace Health Works Seven Oaks General Hospital Workplace Wellness Program Presented by: Sherry Mooney and Mary Lakatos November 19, 2003

2 Agenda Overview of Seven Oaks General Hospital Ground Work for Workplace Wellness Seven Step Model Program Development Success Stories Lessons Learned

3 Seven Oaks General Hospital

4 Units

5 Programs & Services PROGRAMS Medicine Mental Health Surgery Rehabilitation & Geriatric Critical Care Services SERVICES Facility Services (ECS) Material Services Food Services Information Systems Health Records Finance Human Resources Cardio Respiratory

6 Ground Work for Workplace Wellness Injured Workers Program Prevention Early Treatment Return to Work Claims Management Staff Benefits

7 Seven Step Model 1.Senior Management Support 2.Creating a Cohesive Wellness Team 3.Collecting Data to Drive Your Health Efforts 4.Crafting a Operating Plan 5.Choosing Appropriate Interventions 6.Creating a Supportive Environment 7.Carefully Evaluating Outcomes

8 Senior Management Support... Concentrating on Senior Management Support Major Initiative Must Be Actively Led By Senior Management Senior Management Role Models Are Key Factor In Promoting Employee Participation Positive Communication Dependent on Senior Management Commitment/Support

9 ...Senior Management Support What is Required of Senior Managers? Communication Commitment to the Concept Consultation Dissemination of Results

10 Creating a Cohesive Wellness Team Team Selection Important Workplace Wellness Team drives the efforts for their program/service. Workplace Wellness Team develops the program and maintains momentum.

11 Collecting Data to Drive Your Health Efforts Organization Needs Data absenteeism, retention rates, medical and stress leaves, WCB claims, Health Risk Appraisal (HRA) Employee Interest Data simple surveys, focus groups, meetings, open- ended e-mail questions

12 Data Collection... Health Risk Appraisal (HRA) A paper and pencil survey that includes information on: Employee Health Status ex. Do you or does anyone else in your household have any of the following specific health conditions?: allergies, asthma, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc.

13 Crafting an Operating Plan Why Have an Operating Plan? Elements of the Operating Plan Vision Statement Goals Objectives Implementation/Timeliness Marketing/Communication Plan Itemized Budgets Evaluation Plan

14 Choosing Appropriate Interventions Team selects interventions Interventions tied to Outcomes of HRA/ Absenteeism/Injury Reports/Goals Team provides information on what employees want. Senior Management provides information on what employer want. Budget Considerations Latest Research

15 Creating a Supportive Environment What Type of Environment Supports Healthy Lifestyles? Culture Audit Friendly Facilities Proactive Policies Reward and Recognition Management Role Models Ongoing Health Promotion Good Communications

16 Carefully Evaluating Outcomes Effects on SOGH absenteeism, retention, medical and stress leaves, WCB claims, morale Effects of Interventions changes in health status (HRA) (e.g., smoking cessation, stress management) participation rates participant satisfaction

17 Interventions Delivered Blood Sugar Screening Blood Pressure Clinic Massage Therapy Meditation Classes Fitness Activities Nutrition Class Social Activities Walking Club Potlucks Communication Survey

18 …Interventions Delivered Conflict Resolution Healthy Lifestyle Evaluation Cholesterol Screening Management Training Conflict Resolution Sleep Info Session Ergonomic Assessments Birthday Cakes Social Activities/Events Stress Management Back Health Ed

19 Communication Plan Workplace Wellness News Bulletin Board Newsletters developed in each program/service Large Colourful Posters E-mail Communications Staff Surveys Presentations at Staff Meetings Hospital Wide Publications Regular Updates

20 Creating a Supportive Environment Time for staff to participate/replacement staff. Time/Location of activities is important. Choices need to appeal to a broad range of staff. Communication is KEY. Committee development essential. Staff input into work schedules. Building enthusiasm is important. Focus on success - stay positive.

21 ... Success Stories... Heres what staff had to say... Now exercise regularly Increased awareness & motivation I lost 12 lbs. Provided support for staff Made me look at life as worthwhile Motivates me to exercise Now walk 2 miles at a time Boosted staff morale Made me feel important and valued Motivating! More team spirit Decreased stress Enhanced my outlook on life Energized my body Helped me get back into shape after an injury Staff team building Positive work environment Helped me to quit smoking Encouraged healthier ways to work in a stressful environment Fun!

22 ... Success Stories… Intervention Outcomes Blood Sugar Screening Blood Pressure Clinic Walking Clubs – 45,000 Anemia Clinic Staff Luncheons - 75% - 95% of staff attended. Team participation

23 …Success Stories Smoking Cessation Program Staff Pilot Community Program In-Patient Program Program Expansion Other Facilities

24 Lessons Learned... Senior Management support is critical. Effective Team selection is KEY. Involve unions early in the process. Momentum requires commitment/coordination. Workplace Wellness Activities do not have to be costly. Staff Health Promotion is a central value of the organization.

25 ... Lessons Learned... Staff appreciates program/process. Limit goals to what is achievable. Dual Approach of individual health/culture change is most effective. Focus on those who do participate. Replacement of staff is important to enable team participation. Stay positive!

26 ... Lessons Learned Unions support concept if not all details Pulling pieces together EAP/Union/Benefits/Disability/Management/ Health & Safety Equality of team – everyone contributes Do programs for numbers vs. individuals Employers feel valued with financial commitments

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