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1 SUPPORTING MATERIALS FOR MVP MANAGEMENT April 30, 2014 © 2014 MVP Health Care, Inc.

2 2 © 2013 MVP Health Care

3 ©2013 MVP Health Care, Inc. 3 JOURNEY TO WELL-BEING MISSION & VISION STATEMENTS Mission (what is our purpose, why do we exist?) Vision (what do we hope to achieve in the future and how to we hope to be perceived?) MVP Health Care Corporate M/V Improving health. Providing peace of mind. MVP Health Care ®, through collaboration and innovation, will create the healthiest communities in the United States. Journey to Well-Being M/V Creating solutions and a supportive environment to engage and educate coworkers to improve and maintain optimal well-being. MVP, along its Journey to Well- Being, will empower coworkers to be the healthiest workforce in the United States.

4 8 OBJECTIVES OF JOURNEY TO WELL-BEING’S STRATEGIC PLAN ©2013 MVP Health Care, Inc. 4 1. Improving coworker money management skills by building a financial management program to fit the needs of all coworkers and getting 15% participation with 80% of participants saying they found it valuable. 2.Help coworkers make wellness-friendly choices at work by instituting 2 wellness-related policy changes in 2014. 3. Reduce coworker obesity and increase % of coworkers with BMI/Coaching premium discount by 1% per year. 4. Improve overall mental well-being among coworkers and improve their overall home, health and work stress levels by 0.1 (on a 10-point scale) each year. 5. Increase management support/ encouragement of well-being programs and culture by 2% each year. 6. Increase ability to evaluate the results/outcomes of the well-being program across the entire population by developing an effective evaluation plan and reporting processes. 7. Increase awareness of the resources available to coworkers to help them maintain a healthy lifestyle. 8. Ensure equity of well-being program initiatives in all work areas.

5 ©2013 MVP Health Care, Inc. 5 PROGRAM OVERVIEW WORKSITE WELLNESS OFFERINGS (IN MOST OFFICES) Fitness Classes Onsite Gym Financial Wellness Options CSA (Community Supported Agriculture Health Fairs Well-Being Lending Library TeamMVP, road races and community events Challenges (i.e. Stress and Weight Management Challenges) and awareness activities The Great American Smokeout Weight Management Challenges Ergonomic Checks & Proper Lifting Blood Drives Blood Pressure Kiosks MVP Resources: Healthyroads Lifestyle Coaching Dedicated Care Advantage Nurses Wellstyle Extras

6 ©2013 MVP Health Care, Inc. 6 BENEFITS TO YOU! HOW JOURNEY TO WELL-BEING BENEFITS BOTH MANAGEMENT AND COWORKERS Benefit #1: Increased Moral Benefit #2: Improved Health Status Benefit #3: Lower risk of disease Benefit #4: Reduced turnover Benefit #5: Reduced Absenteeism (in sick days and disability) Benefit #6: Improved Productivity Benefit #7: Improved Performance Benefit #7: Overall improved financial performance for the company

7 ©2013 MVP Health Care, Inc. 7 CALL TO ACTION! HOW MANAGEMENT CAN EMPOWER COWORKERS TO PARTICIPATE Be aware of and support well-being efforts Review wellness initiatives during departmental meetings Encourage coworkers to participate in wellness initiatives and allow them to participate on work time Participate YOURSELF! Prioritize well-being and embed it into our culture (follow the meeting menu food policy, stability balls vs. chairs/other ergonomic changes, stairwell vs. elevator, vending machines, encourage work-life balance in your work areas and with yourselves, manage stress levels in your work area).

8 ©2013 MVP Health Care, Inc. 8 WHAT’S YOUR LEVEL OF INTEREST? WOULD YOU LIKE TO BE A JOURNEY TO WELL-BEING CHAMPION? If you have a coworker that would like to be a champion for our program let us know. Some ideas about how coworkers can be champions: Understanding and helping to promote program offerings like challenges, biometric screenings, Core Financial Wellness, etc… Understanding and helping to promote resources such as Care Advantage, HealthyRoads Lifestyle Coaching, and WellStyle Extras. Keeping up to date on Journey to Well-Being happenings by visiting the website (, checking MVPnet daily, and MVPnews weekly. Sharing updates at team meetings Getting support from your managers to participate in offerings such as fitness classes or group walks. These champions will be essential in incorporating Well-Being into the culture at MVP


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