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2014-2015 Operating Plan The success of our students can only be accomplished through the efforts of our dedicated staff. We are committed to providing.

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1 2014-2015 Operating Plan The success of our students can only be accomplished through the efforts of our dedicated staff. We are committed to providing our employees the support and tools needed to ensure a healthy learning environment and promote lifelong wellness. “Wellness -- It’s much more than just Fluff”.

2 Prevention/ Promotion of Exams & Screenings Financial Fitness Humana Vitality Diabetes Prevention Program 4 Major PROGRAMS in 2014- 2015 School Year

3 129 Wellness Champions Encourage onsite participation in the wellness program and builds a culture of wellness at the grassroots level. Meets the following objectives: 1.Coordinate at least one Financial Wellness Program 2.Provide on-site program selected by staff interest survey 3.Assist with promotion of Vitality Program 4.Employees receive Component points for participating in selected wellness programs. Champion Receives Budget & Employee Supplement

4 Prevention/Promotion of Exams & Screenings 1.Based upon Humana data, our goal is to increase levels of engagement with annual exams and other age appropriate screenings. 2.Complete Targeted Health Campaign through January 2015. Incentive prize is $250 gift card of choice. 3.Continue to promote annual exams through newsletter, flyers, posters, emails. This promotion also aligns with the new Humana Vitality Program – worth Vitality Points! Vitality also includes vision and dental exams.

5 Financial Wellness 1.Financial wellness is the focus of 2014/15 with both a district campaign taking place and an objective for each wellness champion to have an approved financial speaker discuss a financial topic at their worksite. 2.Studies show that personal financial distress can result in lost productivity, absenteeism and even health issues. Employees who enjoy peace of mind regarding their personal finances are more inclined to be happy, productive employees who transfer the quality of their employment experience into everything they do. 3.The financial topic will be selected from the wellness interest survey for each worksite.

6 Diabetic Care Program 1.Diabetes is the leading cause of heart disease, stroke, blindness, kidney disease and nerve disease. People with pre-diabetes are likely to develop type 2 diabetes within 10 years unless they take action. 2.Research by the National Institutes of Health has shown that programs like the WMCA diabetes Prevention program can reduce the number of new cases of type 2 diabetes by nearly 605. 3.New for 2014-15, prediabetics will be offered the opportunity to enroll in the YMCA Diabetes Prevention Program. The program is delivered over 12 months beginning with 16 weekly sessions followed by monthly maintenance.

7 Financial Wellness 1.Humana Vitality is a comprehensive wellness and rewards program which is designed to improve the health and well- being of members and to control health care costs. 2.It will take a team effort to launch a successful introduction of this program. Wellness Champions will receive a $50-$100 bonus (from wellness budget) for achieving certain goals (TBD) at their worksite location. 3.And for more details on the Vitality Program….

8  New for 2015.  Part of our 2015 Humana Health Plan.  Aligned to PCS Wellness Program.

9  Who: All employees, retirees and their dependents enrolled in a Humana health plan.  What: Humana Vitality is a wellness and rewards program.  When: Effective January 1, 2015.  Why: To improve the health and well-being of members and to control health care costs.

10  Enroll in My Humana- family-support/benefits/register family-support/benefits/register  Download the Apps- MyHumana and Humana Vitality from the I-tunes or Android Store.  Get Your Vitality Check – screening for blood sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol, and BMI.

11  Complete your Health Assessment - Lifestyle review.  Create Your Personalized Plan – Set your goals; choose your activities.  Complete your activities – Earn Points & Vitality Bucks.  Reward Yourself – Use your Vitality Bucks to receive rewards at the online Humana Vitality Mall.

12  Attain Silver Status – Receive a premium credit in 2016.

13  If 30% of Humana Health plan members attain Silver Status, PCS will be entitled to up to a 2% bonus which can be approximately $2.3M to help offset future health plan costs.  If PCS attains less than 30%, the bonus is pro-rated based upon a set formula.  Consider Wellness $ CREDIT for 2016 payroll using Humana Bonus Money for incentive to reach Silver Status (and good health!) – Subject to BLT/EWBS.

14  Leadership Support – Superintendent, Executive Leadership, Principals and Department Heads and labor organizations.  Resources – Employee Wellness Team, Humana Health & Wellness Staff, PCS Wellness Champions.  Communication – Video, Wellness Page, Newsletters, On-Line Tools, Meetings.  Rewards – Achievable goals with positive and meaningful rewards.  Member Support – Wellness staff, Wellness Champions, Humana Resources, and Health Coaches.

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