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Wellness Programs for Ohio Schools Wellness Programs for Ohio Schools.

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1 Wellness Programs for Ohio Schools Wellness Programs for Ohio Schools

2 Agenda Welcome and Introductions SEHCB Wellness Program Requirements What is a Wellness Program? Why should we start a Wellness Program? How do we get started? How do we increase participation? What is the role of the Superintendent /Treasurer/Association Leader? Worthington CSD Wellness Program What do these programs cost? What are the benefits and savings of these programs? Wrap-Up

3 SEHCB Wellness Program Requirements Evaluation of historical claims experience Personal Health Assessment/ Health Risk Assessment (HRA) Biometric screening Support and education for individuals with lifestyle health risks Health/wellness programs Regularly-scheduled reports to the health plan sponsor

4 What is a Wellness Program?

5 “Wellness programs are something we do with and for our employees, not something we do to them.” ~Dr. David Hunnicutt, President, WELCOA

6 What is a biometric screening? Small amount of blood is taken by a vena puncture or finger stick to give a snapshot of total cholesterol, HDL, LDL, glucose, and triglycerides Ht/Wt/BMI Blood Pressure Nurse Consultation Process takes about 15 minutes

7 Health Risk Assessment (HRA) A short survey to gather information about your health, personal habits, and family health history Used to create a personal report; information is confidential and is sent only to the individual An aggregate report is sent to the employer; no individuals can be identified in this report

8 Additional Program Components Climate/Interest Survey Worksite Wellness Programs Health Coaching Disease State Management Community Events (walks, marathons, etc.) Contests (Biggest Loser, etc.) Evaluation ~Avoid random acts of wellness~

9 Incentives A good incentive program should create meaningful rewards that reach out and attract staff in small but significant ways Incented programs encourage higher participation and are more effective Incentives take many forms, i.e. cash, gift cards, differentiated premiums, etc.


11 Why Wellness?

12 Within your population... ~20% have chronic or acute conditions; these individuals account for ~80% of your insurance costs ~40% are at risk for going into the chronic group ~40% are healthy

13 Think about this... How can a Wellness Program best impact: the chronic/acute group? the at-risk group? the healthy group?

14 Rationale for Wellness Programs Improved employee health and well-being Improve morale Increase employee retention Fewer work-related injuries Fewer worker’s comp and disability claims Positive community image Manage chronic & acute states Keep healthy employees healthy Keep those with borderline health issues from becoming chronic Increase productivity Decrease absenteeism Help stabilize health care costs – “Bend the Trend” Healthy role models for students SEHCB Directives, effective 1/1/2009

15 How do we get started? First Steps...

16 Getting Started ~ WELCOA’s 7 Benchmarks Capture CEO Support Create a Cohesive Wellness Team Collect Data to Drive Health Efforts Craft an Operating Plan Choose Appropriate Interventions Create a Supportive Environment Carefully Evaluate Outcomes

17 Role of the District Leaders Provide visible support for program Actively participate Gain top administrative and Board support Reference the program in communications Support incentives for staff to be healthy Educate administrators, Board, staff on return on investment (ROI) Track cost components and savings Be actively involved as CFO of district Speak to the concept of controlling costs of health care proactively Walk the talk on health

18 Message to Employees We care about you Your health is very valuable, and we want to help you protect it We’re offering you a great opportunity Your participation is voluntary and the results are confidential If you participate you will receive an incentive Questions or concerns? Please contact us Wellness Program

19 Worthington CSD’s Wellness Program Wellness theme at convocation Weekly announcements in district e- newsletter Screenings at each individual building Online HRA $25 gift card for bio/HRA participation Additional $25 gift card for 75% participation in a building 4 buildings hit 75% participation Overall, 53% of our employees participated

20 Creating a Successful Wellness Team Members are formally appointed Wellness is written into their job description Wellness Team is promoted throughout the organization Strong leadership Includes people from different areas and levels Meets regularly Formal agenda Minutes Team communicates frequently to the organization Participates in continuing education to ensure that members are knowledgeable about worksite wellness and employee health improvement

21 I have my data – what’s next? Now it’s time to create your operating plan Your HRA/biometric aggregate report should assist you in building your operating plan Create measurable goals Identify program content Begin your program Evaluate the success of your program ~Avoid random acts of wellness~

22 Tips to Increase Participation Good, frequent communication is essential Appoint an enthusiastic, dedicated Wellness Coordinator Get the support of all district leaders Use desirable incentives Continually gather feedback from your staff

23 What do these programs cost? Biometric Screening Health Risk Assessment (HRA) Technical and clerical support Incentives Programming Outside providers

24 Benefits and Savings Contain health care costs Lower substitute costs Presenteeism Increase productivity Set a good example for our students Studies show a ROI based upon successful programs

25 “For Wellness Programs to survive and thrive over the long haul, employees will have to embrace the concept of workplace wellness.” ~Dr. David Hunnicutt, President, WELCOA

26 Where to go for help Your Insurance Provider Your Insurance Broker/ Consultant A Wellness Company or Provider

27 Questions?

28 Thanks for coming!

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