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The Slovenian NQF: Happy Farm Innovation Project in the Context of the NQF Danica HROVATIČ, M.Sc. on behalf of VDC Polž, Slovenia NQF Inclusive “Let me.

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1 The Slovenian NQF: Happy Farm Innovation Project in the Context of the NQF Danica HROVATIČ, M.Sc. on behalf of VDC Polž, Slovenia NQF Inclusive “Let me show what I have Learnt”, Final Conference Gleisdorf, 8 September 2011

2 Content The results from Happy Farm project The Certification system in Slovenia –and How to get NVQ through non-formal and informal learning? –REVANIL procedure How to understand Slovenian NQF? –The compound of education and qualification levels 2

3 “HAPPY FARM” Leonardo da Vinci Innovation Project Duration: 2006-2008 Inclusion of 7 partners from 5 EU countries that are working directly or indirectly with disadvantaged people Project leading partner: VDC POLŽ Maribor, Slovenia 3

4 HF project aims to develop social enterprises on countryside (with social services, sports and ecological aspects); to open new possibilities for employment; to prepare the supporting programmes for social enterprises; to prepare the vocational programme for working on farm. 4

5 Main project purpose Improving knowledge, skills and competences of individuals with learning disabilities and connecting the training programme with NVQ People with learning disabilities can gain the national recognised qualification 5

6 Results -Vocational and occupational standard -Training programmes for disadvantaged groups -Strategic plans for social enterprises 6 JOINT ANALYSIS aimed to support the project HF to achieve its results

7 Certification System in Slovenia Adoption of National Vocational Qualifications Act in 2000 Additional regulations were accepted, mainly in 2003, 2006; 2007, 2009 7


9 REVANIL Recognition (legislation is not necessary) Validation (legislation is or not necessary) Accreditation (legislation is necessary) certificate / award / qualification Non-formal and Informal Learning learning outcomes knowledge, skills and competences 9

10 HOUSEKEEPER ASSISTANT Occupational standard Catalogue of standards for knowledge and skills Modular tranining programme: 4 modules –Communication with guests –Cooking and serving –Cleaning and tidying of the rooms –Maintenance and production of simple textile products 10

11 Key competences of HA learning how to learn social skills development of communication skills (oral communication and literacy skills) information and communication literacy entrepreneurship setting-up a career health and work safety. 11

12 HA in EQF structure of 8 levels 1 level 2 level 3 level 4 level 5 level 6 level 7 level 8 level knowl edge x skills X comp etenc es X 12

13 Slovenian Qualification Framework NVQ (clasification) – NQF (framework) SQF main purpose: to integrate and harmonize qualifications subsystems resolving problems between the VET system and certification system 13

14 SQF draft proposal definition of key concepts proposition of SQF level descriptors preparation of qualifications in relation to SQF level descriptors. 14

15 Typology of framework FRAMEWORK OF COMMUNICATION (passive role; maintenance of transparency) TRANSFORMATIONAL FRAMEWORK (active role; changes of legislation are needed) 15

16 SQF – 10 levels from 8 levels in education system to 10 levels in qualification framework 10 levels helped to harmonize qualifications and education systems so as to enable easier identification and recognition of informal and non-formal learning. This element marks a reform character of the framework. 16

17 Levels descriptors Communication role of the framework: Input concept: educational programmes Output concept: learning outcomes 17

18 Structure of descriptors Knowledge Skills Competences Each educational level or qualification places within framework consist of all three elements. 18

19 Types of qualifications EDUCATION (completed publicly approved educational programmes) NVQ (defined as work related vocational capacity required to perform an occupation at certain level of complexity) SUPPLEMENTARY QUALIFICATION (complements an applicant’s competence) 19

20 LEVEL DESCRIPTORS - 3th LEVEL (HOUSEKEEPER ASSISTANT) KnowledgeSkillsCompetences Level 3 Predominantly practical, life-and vocationally relevant knowledge with some theoretical basis, acquired primarily through the examination of examples, imitation and practice in the context of a specific discipline. Basic literacy and demonstrating practical skills, including the use of basic tools, methods and materials. Using well known solutions when resolving predictable problems within a limited scope. Performing transparent and standardised tasks. Ability to acquire new knowledge and skills in a structured setting and under appropriate guidance. Ability to engage in a restrictedly independent activity in a predictable and structured setting based on simple oral or written instructions. Accepting limited responsibility. 20

21 QUALIFICATIONS IN RELATION TO SQF LEVEL DESCRIPTORS SQF level Education levelsNational Vocational Qualification A) Admission requirements (typical): B) Duration (typical or typical total duration in theory): C) Typical education: D) Transferability: Level 3 PROGRAMMES OF LOWER VOCATIONAL EDUCATION A) : uncompleted or completed elementary school B) : 2.5 years C) : lower vocational education D) : secondary vocational education (SQF, level 4) NVQ, level 3 21

22 SQF LEVEL EDUCATIONAL (SCHOOL SYSTEM) STRUCTURE QUALIFICATION STRUCTURE (CERTIFICATION SYSTEM) 11 st and 2.nd cycle CE 2compulsary educationNVQ level 2 3short term vocationalNVQ level 3 4vocational secondary educationNVQ level 4 5general/technical SENVQ level 5 6higher vocational educationNVQ level 6 7higher education / 1th cycleNVQ level 7 / not yet 8M.A / 2th cycle 9M.Sc / 3th cycle 10Doc.Sc /3th cycle 22

23 Thank you for attention! “Education is when you read the fine print. Experience is what you get if you don't.” Pete Seeger 23

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