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STATUS of the Agency for PES education The Agency is an independent administrative organisation; It has the task of providing expert assistance and special.

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2 STATUS of the Agency for PES education The Agency is an independent administrative organisation; It has the task of providing expert assistance and special services.

3 JURISDICTION of the Agency Establishment of knowledge and assessment standards in preschool, elementary and secondary education; Development of the common core curriculum; Professional activities in the field of knowledge standards and assessment of quality using certain special laws and regulations.

4 JURISDICTION of the VET department Monitoring the development and implementation of the common core and modular curriculum in secondary vocational education; Participation in preparing and monitoring the implementation of the Qualifications Framework; Participation in activities regarding the field of lifelong learning; Participation in the development of IS in secondary vocational education; Cooperation with educational authorities and social partners.

5 1. Nomenclature of occupations In FBiH formally there is the valid nomenclature but in practice older occupations are used (e.g. sales specialist, construction technician, millwright,…) and new professions are introduced as well (e.g. clothing designer, architect, computer technician, range of occupations from the family of chemistry, non-metals and graphics, economy law and commerce etc.); In RS the valid nomenclature is used more consistently but new occupations are present as well (banker, telecommunications technician). STATE ANALYSIS

6 2. Curriculum The reform of curricula in pilot schools-PHARE, EU VET 1998 – 2008; o GTZ project is implemented - it is complementary with the EU VET; Ministry of Education and Culture of RS implemented a modular curriculum, 2005/2006 in all grades, all the families and occupations; In FBiH various curricula are used. Most schools use curriculum from 94/95. A certain number of schools in some cantons use curriculum developed in 97/98 modeled on the curriculum of the Croatian Republic. A small number of schools use the curriculum developed in the framework of VET and GTZ project. STATE ANALYSIS

7 2.1. Curriculum The application of the modular curriculum is not harmonised, there is a huge number of simultaneously used occupations and curricula; o There is no cost analysis, cost-effectiveness and efficiency of the modular approach in the regular education system; The adopted nomenclature and developed curricula are not analysed, the old occupations and curriculum developed under the EU programme 10 years ago still have not been reviewed / revised and updated. Currently in RS, there is an on-going evaluation of 5 families; Documentation that accompanies the implementation of new curriculum is missing (especially the new regulation on the evaluation). STATE ANALYSIS

8 Qualifications Framework basics in BiH 3. Qualifications Framework basics in BiH Proposed Basis Qualifications Framework, with participation of representatives: Ministry of Civil Affairs, Agency for PES(POiS) education, Ministries of Education, Agency for Labour and Employment, BiH Association of Employers and Trade Unions of BiH, is prepared and adopted.

9 . Entrepreneurship 4. Entrepreneurship Agency representatives have participated in projects in the following fields: Fostering the spirit of entrepreneurship and new skills at an early age and by education system; o Development of specific modules related to business in the curriculum at secondary schools, universities; Promotion of entrepreneurship to future young entrepreneurs;  The development of appropriate training for managers of small enterprises. STATE ANALYSIS

10 Lifelong learning 5. Lifelong learning Lifelong learning is a process that is in early stages in BiH.  The conditions for the development of a sustainable system of lifelong learning in all forms of learning have not yet been created.  There is no framework law on adult education at the state level, as well as in the FBiH.  Agency representatives are regular participants in current events of lifelong learning and adult education. STATE ANALYSIS

11 6. Information system for VET There is a problem with lack of procedures and protocols for exchanging data and information among key protagonists of the VET system, as well as the problem of existence of data in an appropriate form; Different levels of implementation of existing Information System in the entities and cantons in BiH are evident. STATE ANALYSIS

12 7. The enrollment policy The Ministry and schools are still the main actors in the enrollment policy in BiH; Sporadic influence of the local labor market; Greatest interest is for surplus occupations. STATE ANALYSIS

13 RECOMMENDATIONS -1 : Based on acquired knowledge it is necessary to: Coordinate laws with the framework law on Vocational Education and Training in BiH; Undertake evaluation of the nomenclature of occupations and the curriculum of all families and occupations; Revise the existing nomenclature (13 families and 100 occupations), develop and adopt methodology and procedure changes.

14 RECOMMENDATIONS - 2 : Strengthen the spirit of entrepreneurship in all schools by training teachers and students; Build a system where enrollment policy will be coordinated with student desires and needs of the labor market; Develop a system of lifelong learning in BiH; Work on further development of the basis of qualification framework; Work on further development of IS for VET, developing, defining and adopting protocols for exchanging data and information; To achieve cooperation and build an effective network of partners; Participate in projects relevant to the work of VET Department.


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