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Maintaining a Healthy Weight. »By: Merari Martinez.

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1 Maintaining a Healthy Weight. »By: Merari Martinez

2 Pretest Making the connection You control your weight Food and fitness Physical fitness Post test.

3 Pretest 1.Do you play active games or sports for at least thirty minutes three days each week? 2.Do you spend less than two hours per day is front of a television, computer, or video game? 3.Do you and your family 4.Do you eat a wide variety of nutritious foods each day ?

4 Pretest continue. 5.Do you limit foods with high sugar and fat content? 6.Do you eat at least five servings of fruits and vegetables every day? 7.Do you eat a complete breakfast every morning? 8.Do you feel good about your eating and exercise habits 9.Do you maintain a healthy body weight? 10.Most of the time, do you eat only when you’re hungry?

5 Making a connection. Emotional energy; the way that you feel every day is cause of the food that you eat. Food and physical activity lock chemicals called neurotransmitters that send messages between your brain and your body. Weight managers Everyone needs fat ; eating right and doing exercise maintain the appropriate amount of fat for your body.

6 Continue Obesity is one of the common disease in the United States for the children.

7 You control your weight. If people or activities make you feel embarrassed and for have comfort you eat more that you need can make you get bigger but in the other hand the people that is thin can have a big problem with anorexia. Use energy wisely Keep a god balance Pick up the peace After-school strategy

8 Food and fitness Food provides the basic nutrients that we need for growing. Sugar highs and lows; when you feel with out energy if you eat glucose (sugar) and if you eat so much you can feel worst than before because your body can not handle so much sugar

9 Continue Micronutrients; are the vitamins and minerals. Water is recommend to drink 16 ounces of water before any physical activity.

10 Physical fitness. You need four things to fit into physical. Hearth/ lung strength :you hearth beats about 100,000 times a day and it goes up to three times faster when you exercise. Joint and muscles flexibility Muscles strength and endurance Body composition

11 continue is recommended to exercise 30 minutes every day but its much better to exercise 1 hour. If you prefer to just walk you would need to walk 10,000 steps. we walk about 5,000 to 6,000 steps during the day.

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