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Ryan Sterling 11 th grade Other than exercise, there are other factors to living a healthy life.

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1 Ryan Sterling 11 th grade Other than exercise, there are other factors to living a healthy life


3 New Guidelines Eat a variety of foods that are high in nutrients and low in saturated and trans fat, cholesterol, added sugars, and salt.

4 Old Guidelines Let the Pyramid guide your food choices and pick a variety of grains, especially whole grains, and fruits and vegetables

5 H2O The importance of water in a daily diet can not be underestimated.

6 The body needs water to perform the following functions… Digest food and dissolve nutrients, so they can pass through your digestive system. Carry waste products out of the body. Regulate body temperature, cooling body with sweat. Lubricate moving parts.

7 How much water should I drink? It is suggested to drink 8 additional cups of water per day. If you regularly exercise then 9-13 glasses is advised according to your weight.

8 Alcohol

9 If you drink alcohol, do so in moderation, about one drink per day for women and two for men.

10 Alcohol abuse and children Adolescents who begin drinking before age 15 are four times more likely to develop alcohol dependence than those who begin drinking at age 21.


12 What is Heart Rate? Heart Rate is the number of heart beats per minute;

13 How to determine your heart rate? Men=220-age Women=226-age

14 Training Zones Healthy Heart Zone(warm-up)-50-60%of your maximum heart rate Fitness zone(fat burning)-60-70%of your max heart rate Aerobic zone(endurance training)-70-80%of your max heart rate

15 More Training Zones Anaerobic zone(performance training)-80- 90% of your max heart rate Red line(max effort)-90-100% of your max heart rate

16 Know what works for you

17 Find healthy foods that you enjoy Not everyone likes the same health foods, but there is something out there for everyone Remember-The more water you drink the higher your metabolism will be.

18 Find what exercises you enjoy Most people think of jogging when they think of cardiovascular workouts There are many other ways to get a good cardio workout You can swim, ride a bike, row, or even play a recreational game that gets your heart rate going

19 Different types of exercise

20 Cardiovascular Exercise This type of exercise stimulates the heart and lungs and builds endurance. This kind of exercise is known as aerobic It is recommended to burn 2000 calories weekly

21 Flexibility Exercise This type of exercise lengthens, stretches and flexes muscles and helps promote balance and overall flexibility. Yoga, dance and pilates are good examples of flexibility training.

22 Strength Developing Exercises This type of exercise is intended to increase muscle strength and stamina Weight lifting is a good example and it is recommended that a combo of all forms of exercise be used in a healthy fitness program.

23 Very Important It should be noted that any exercise “session” should consist of a good 10- 15 min. warm-up The exercise itself should be 30-45 min. Every session should have a generous cool down of 5-10 min. to gradually decrease the intensity of the workout


25 Obesity and Coronary heart disease Obesity occurs when a persons weight exceeds the ideal bodyweight by 15-20%. This can result in serious health problems Coronary heart disease is when excess amounts of cholesterol and fat cause arteries and blood vessles to narrow. This can eventually block off an artery totally

26 Diabetes and High Blood Pressure Diabetes is a medical condition where the body can’t break down sugar in the blood. This can be controlled with the help of a balanced diet. Too much sodium, sugar, cholesterol or fat can cause the blood vessels to become smaller. Again, proper diet and exercise can promote healthy blood pressure.

27 Exercise Benefits

28 Keeps body healthy!! Helps prevent disease Helps normalize blood pressure Helps regulate blood sugar

29 Exercise provides strong body Prevents bone mineral loss Helps support body structure Promotes weight loss

30 References Ryan, Stephanie W., and Littrell, Kimberly; Solutions for Wellness, Eli Lilly Company, 1994. All Pictures were received from Google and Yahoo images.

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