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The Key to Being Healthy

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1 The Key to Being Healthy
For 4th grade students By Magan Kustera

2 When you move your muscles it
Physical Activity When you move your muscles it gets your heart pumping faster

3 You don’t always have to exercise to be physically active You can play tag or make up different games to play

4 Why should you do physical activity and exercise?
Your muscles and bones get stronger You will not get sick as easily You will also not get as tired as fast because your heart and muscles will be stronger IT IS FUN!

5 Fun ways to get physically active
Get outside, jump rope, play catch outside with a friend, jump on a trampoline

6 More ways to get active Go for family walks or with friends
Join a sports team

7 Other physical activities you can do
Karate Dance Bike riding Basketball Scooter Skating all of these are FUN! Go out and try one or two

8 How long should you exercise for?
At least 45 minutes a day = Being Healthy! Any type of movement counts, just get outside and get active

9 While you are watching TV do some exercises in font of the TV for example –
Crunches Running in place Jumping jacks Lunges Squats Stretches You will get to watch the show you want to watch but also get physical activity into your day.

10 5 Components of Fitness 35 lbs.
Being healthy involves these 5 components of fitness - muscular endurance - muscular strength - flexibility - cardiovascular fitness - BMI (body mass index) 35 lbs.

11 Muscular Endurance How long can you hold a particular position like the one below

12 Muscular Strength Assesses your ability to lift weight

13 Flexibility How far your muscles can lengthen

14 Cardiovascular Fitness
Assesses how hard the heart and lungs are working while doing physical activity

15 BMI (Body Mass Index) The component that takes into account your height and weight to see if you are at a healthy weight To see if you are at a healthy weight click the link below, scroll down you will see a picture of a BMI calculator below that it says “click here to launch the BMI calculator” make sure to click that Then put all your information in the chart

16 To find more about the 5 components of fitness click the link below
There are tests to complete the 5 components and norms to see how well you have done among the rest of the population in certain tests of fitness

17 Eating healthy is very important

18 Why is eating healthy important?
Your body needs healthy foods to help it grow It helps you get strong muscles and bones. It can stop you from getting diseases and illnesses You should have 2 servings of fruit and 3 servings of vegetables a day

19 What should you not eat? Make sure to stay away from fast food, ask your parents to make you fresh foods at home instead. Try to only eat candy on special occasions, too much is not good for your body.

20 Water We NEED it! Make sure to drink at least 8 cups of water a day
Without water we can not survive We NEED it!

21 Sleep Sleep is very important to give our bodies rest from the exercise and daily life that we go through. You should get at least 8 to 9 hours of sleep a night to make sure we have enough energy for the next day.

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