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Building a successful e-commerce service in Sri Lanka.

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1 Building a successful e-commerce service in Sri Lanka

2 Why people buy Online?  Comparison Shopping  Wider Selection  Better Prices  Reviews From Other Shoppers  Saving Time

3 Why people don’t buy online?  Fear of Credit Card information is being Stolen.  Need a help person assistance.  Ability to Return & make Refund.  Not being able to track an order or status of your purchase.  Cant tell what’s the product is really like.

4 We grew with the customers need  FREE fare comparison site.  Make FREE online Reservation, with out making any payment.  Fully automated payment timeline system.  Discount on online transaction  Manage my Booking

5 Its All about Numbers !  What is the Daily site visit, is it growing ?  How is the user penetration ?  Where are they coming from ?  How long they spend on each page ?  How many time a unique user have used your service ?  Where is the user entering & excising ?  Has he/she attempt to make a purchase?  Do you collect contact information? Google Analytics is KING Behaviour Flow

6 Customer Feedback is an Opportunity ?  Value your customer feedback, Specially the complaints.  Less than 10% of dissatisfied customers will lodge a complaint or notify your company of an issue.  Consulting with the customer is much more cheaper and efficient that professional service.  If its your mistake accept and compensate, that the FEE for the learning.

7 Are you empowering your Customer ?  Access to FREE information  Service available 24 x 7  Book from any where  Multiple payment option  Fast refund process  Keep it simple

8 What is Make FREE Booking ? Flight results page: Flight results page:

9 Convenience & Conversion Flight results page:

10 Happy Staff Happy Customer Happy Business Happy Company Thank You

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