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2 Online Shopping What percentage of people have experienced Online shopping? Yes (76%) No (24%)

3 Online Shopping How safe people feel when they give their personal information on online stores website (Credit card numbers,Address,Phone number)? *1-2 (Not so safe) = 24% *3 (Neutral) = 41% *4-5 (Very safe) = 35%

4 Online Shopping How important is Brand name for people while doing shopping from an online store? *1-2(Not so important) = 6% *3 (Important) = 23.5% *4-5(Very important) = 70.5%

5 Online Shopping How people like to make their payments for products they buy through online? *Credit card payments(12%) *Cash on delivery(82%) *B-Kash(6%)

6 Online Shopping Within how many days do people get the delivery of the product they ordered online or purchased from an online store?? 1-2 Days (53%) 3-5 Days (35%) 5-More Days (12%)

7 Online Shopping How efficient are online stores in saving peoples time?? 1-2(Don’t save so much time)= 12% 3(Saves some time)= 17.5% 4-5(Saves a lot of time)= 70.5%

8 Online Shopping What helps people more to know about the product they want to buy or order through online?? *Photos(17 people)= 50% *Videos(11 people)=32% *Written Information(6 people)=18%

9 Online Shopping Do people want to buy expensive Products through online? 1-2(Not so interested)= 32%(11 people) 3(Somewhat interested)= 44%(15 people) 4-5(Interested)= 24%(8 people)

10 Summary Online shopping is becoming more popular day by day. Before people used to rely less on online shopping but now due to extra services(Cash back;Warranty;Replacement) and development of internet system people are adapting it more day by day. People can now save both their time and money. They don’t have to go to the place and come back to buy a product which saves time. They can even know more about newest collection and new offerings through online shopping. Online shops now assure people more about the information they give. Research says that 91% shoppers visit shops after seeing their websites. Even while buying expensive product people gather information through online stores and then buy the product. Online stores try to provide information as much as they can to sell their products. Online stores even deliver products now within 24 hours. So people can easily get their desired product. They just have to order and the product will be with them in no time. Online shopping now offers better payment options available than before which is provoking the shoppers more to buy the product.

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