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Program Overview: Florida Atlantic University Travel Management Program.

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1 Program Overview: Florida Atlantic University Travel Management Program

2 Value Added Services

3 Speak to a dedicated Travel Agent 24/7 Business, Meeting and Personal travel arrangements Custom Online Booking Tool Preferred Hotel Program Group Travel (Alumni, Student Abroad, Meetings, etc.) 24/7 Assistance Services Travel Insurance Program (student & faculty programs)

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6 Whats in it for me?

7 Calendar Synchronization: Capability for adding your itinerary to your desktop calendar. Search Flexibility: Various search options for flights, hotels, cars and Amtrak. Quality Control: All reservations are Quality Controlled to guarantee their accuracy. No Hidden Fees: Service fees are clearly defined. 24/7 Access Research and make your travel plans any day and any time. Trips (travel history): Allows you to access/review/modify your purchased trips and past trips. Profile: Stores your personal information including travel preferences, credit cards, membership program numbers (air, hotel & car). Travel Arrangers: Travel Arrangers have the ability to book travel on behalf of others and manage their personal travel profiles.

8 All Travel Guard, Business Travel Services agents are required to utilize AgentWare. AgentWare enables travel professionals to intelligently search a growing number of vendors for the lowest airfares. Travel Guard, Business Travel Services is able to access more than 75 vendor websites within the click of one button. This search functionality integrates into our reservation system, allowing us to access and compare real-time fares from a variety of low-cost carriers, consolidators and aggregators. Moreover, AgentWare empowers us to feel confident that we are offering our travelers the best possible price. Fare Shopping

9 You can depend on Travel Guard, Business Travel Services to find the best airfare prices. We are so confident of our ability to follow through on this guarantee that we make the following promises: When you reserve your flight with Travel Guard, Business Travel Services, we promise that if you find a lower airfare for the same traveler, airline, date and flight, on another website, on the same day as you make your reservation, we will honor that rate and provide you with a $50 coupon per ticket toward your next business purchase through Travel Guard, Business Travel Services. You may only use this coupon for FAU business travel-related transactions. Low Fare Promise

10 Our Quality Control department continues to monitor the airfare after you purchase an airline ticket through Travel Guard, Business Travel Services. If the airfare amount decreases, we capture the lower airfare, reissue the ticket, and the airline issues a voucher for the difference based on the rules and regulations of each airline. Some airlines charge reissue fees, others do not. When the savings outweigh the airline reissue fees, the traveler will be issued a voucher from the airline for the difference of the two prices. Travel Guard, Business Travel Services will monitor future airfares booked through the airline issuing the voucher and apply it to that next FAU business travel-related transactions based on the rules and regulations of each airline.

11 11 SERVICEFEE ASSESSED ONLINE RESERVATIONS: Domestic airline reservation$8.00 per ticket International airline reservation$8.00 per ticket Rental car reservation (without airline ticket)$8.00 per reservation Hotel reservation (without airline ticket)$8.00 per reservation AGENT ASSISTED RESERVATIONS: Consulting fee (this fee will be assessed only if a reservations is not secured)$25.00 per call/email string Domestic agent assisted airline reservation$30.00 per ticket International agent assisted airline reservation$50.00 per ticket Car rental reservation (without airline ticket)$30.00 per reservation Hotel reservation (without airline ticket)$30.00 per reservation GROUP RESERVATIONS: Request for proposal/quote (this charge will be applied towards the booking when booked or will be non-refundable if request is not secured) $100.00 per group GROUP AIRLINE RESERVATIONS:Definition of Group = a group of individuals traveling to/from the same destination, traveling on the same dates/time Domestic groups of 10+ passengers$15.00 per person International groups of 10+ passengers$40.00 per person Effective Date: August 13, 2010 Service Fee Structure

12 12 AIRLINE EXCHANGES/REFUNDS: Domestic airline reservations$30.00 per ticket International airline reservations$50.00 per ticket AFTER HOURS TRAVEL RESERVATION ASSISTANCE:Hours: 7:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. (CST) Monday thru Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Holidays are also considered afterhours. Assistance service$25.00 per call in addition to any additional service fees ADDITIONAL ASSISTANCE ON EXISTING RESERVATION: (Ex. seat change, frequent flyer upgrades, etc.)$25.00 per call 24/7 TRAVEL ASSISTANCE SERVICES: Emergency travel assistance (in travel status)Any additional services fees (Ex. exchange, refund, new reservation, etc.) Concierge services$45.00 per call Worldwide travel assistance$45.00 per call Travel medical assistance$700.00 per case MISCELLENOUS SERVICES: Rail reservation$30.00 domestic/$50.00 international per ticket Paper ticket$25.00 per ticket Visa/Passport assistance$50.00 Mileage or certificate ticket reservation$30.00 domestic / $50.00 international per ticket

13 Agent Assisted Reservations

14 Dedicated Florida Atlantic University Travel phone numbers & agents: Domestic: 877-214-8654 International: 715.344.6203 (call collect) Agent will review options based on your travel requirements, make seat assignments, advise airline policies and documentation requirements, etc. Assistance with building travel profiles for frequent travelers and assistance with signing up for air, hotel and car membership programs Agents utilize various resources including airfare consolidators to obtain the best schedule and price on domestic, international and complicated itineraries Specialized group and meeting travel planning department

15 Online Reservations

16 How to Access GetThere Access the online reservation system at: honcorporate Enter your user name and password or click on Create Account

17 Upon creating your account– click on Profile to add your gender and birth date to the personal information section and complete your profile before making an online reservation

18 When you need assistance or have questions, contact the Florida Atlantic University Travel Desk 24/7 at: Domestic – 877-214-8654 International - 715.344.6203 (call collect)

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