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2 Objectives PS:A1 Acquire Self-knowledge
PS:A1.1 Develop positive attitudes toward self as a unique and worthy person PS:A1.2 Identify values, attitudes and beliefs PS:A1.3 Learn the goal-setting process PS:A1.4 Understand change is a part of growth PS:A1.5 Identify and express feelings PS:A1.11 Identify and discuss changing personal and social roles PS:A1.12 Identify and recognize changing family roles

3 What is Self-Esteem? Self-esteem is a measure of how much you value, respect, and feel confident about yourself.

4 Effects of High Self-Esteem
People with high self-esteem possess the following characteristics: They like to meet new people They don’t worry about how others will judge them They have the courage to express themselves Their lives are enriched with each new encounter They are nicer to be around Their ideas are met with interest because others want to hear what they have to say They are magnets to positive opportunities

5 Effects of Low Self-Esteem
People with low self-esteem possess the following characteristics: They don’t believe in themselves They see themselves failing before they begin They have a hard time forgiving their mistakes and make themselves pay the price forever They believe they can never be as good as they should be or as others

6 Self-concept is a measure of how you view yourself.
Your self-esteem affects the way you interpret messages from others. You can choose to view some negative messages as constructive criticism. Your self-esteem does not have to suffer from negative messages from others. You have the power to control your self-esteem

7 Your character will define your destiny.”
Positive Self -Talk “Your thoughts will become your words. Your words will become your actions. Your actions will become your habits. Your habits will become your character. Your character will define your destiny.”


9 10 Tips for Building Self-Esteem
1. Make a list of your strengths and weaknesses 2. Develop a support system of friends 3. Practice positive self-talk 4. Practice good health habits 5. Avoid doing things just to “go along with the crowd.” 6. Give credit where credit is due. 7. Set short-term goals that will strengthen your weaknesses 8. Don’t be afraid to try something new. 9. Volunteer for those in need (i.e. feed the homeless, etc.) 10. If you experience defeat, don’t dwell on it. .

10 Improving Your Self-Esteem
Use Positive Self-Talk Send positive messages to yourself. Act with Integrity: Integrity means doing what you know is right. Choose Supportive Friends Your friends should acknowledge your strengths and support your goals. Accept Yourself Focus on your strengths and let go of weaknesses that you cannot change.

11 Explain What You See in this Picture

12 as President of South Africa from 1994 to 1999
South African anti-apartheid revolutionary, politician, and philanthropist who served as President of South Africa from 1994 to 1999

13 Activity Self – Esteem Inventory (Handout)

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