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2 What is Self Esteem? Self Esteem is defined as appreciation, worth, estimate of value. Self Esteem is the package of beliefs that you carry around in your head, that you have accepted to be the truth about yourself, whether it is right or not.

3 Self-esteem refers to the way we see and think about ourselves.
Self-Esteem..What is it? Self-esteem refers to the way we see and think about ourselves.

4 Self-Esteem…What’s it made of?
Your self-esteem is made up of all the experiences and interpersonal relationships you’ve had in your life. Everyone you’ve ever met has added to or taken away from how you see yourself!

5 Low Self Esteem Cycle Unhappy Low Achievement Relationships
Self-Talk Negative Low Achievement Unhappy Relationships Confidence Lack of Self- Negative Perception of Self & Others

6 High Self Esteem Cycle High Achievement Positive Perception of
Self-Talk Positive High Achievement Relationships Rewarding Self Confidence Improved Positive Perception of Self & Others

7 Importance of self-esteem
Productive Behaviour: people perform better when they consider themselves competent. Work Performance: There’s only one thing that counts in a business: building the self-esteem of your employees. Interpersonal Relations: You will do unto others as you do unto yourself Psychological wellbeing: In the great majority of cases, people despise themselves, regarding themselves as worthless and unlovable

8 The Effects of High Self-Esteem
People with high self-esteem possess the following characteristics: - They like to meet new people. - They don’t worry about how others will judge them. - They have the courage to express themselves. - Their lives are enriched with each new encounter. - They are nicer to be around. - Their ideas are met with interest because others want to hear what they have to say. - They are magnets to positive opportunities!

9 The Effects of Low Self-Esteem
People with low self-esteem possess the following characteristics: -They don’t believe in themselves. -They see themselves failing before they begin. -They have a hard time forgiving their mistakes and make themselves pay the price forever. -They believe they can never be as good as they should be or as others.

10 The Effects of Low Self-Esteem
-They are afraid to show their creativity because they will be ridiculed. -They are dissatisfied with their lives. -They spend most of their time alone. -They complain and criticize. -They worry about everything and do nothing. People with low self-esteem have an “I can’t do it” attitude.

11 To Improve Self Esteem Recognize that Change is possible
Recognize that Change takes time Firmly give up low self esteem Recognize that You are not alone Have compassion on yourself Make a commitment ….TODAY!

Gaining Self- Awareness Learning Self- Acceptance Learning new things everyday SELF ESTEEM Managing Yourself With Success Taking Charge of Your Life

13 12 Steps to High Self-Esteem
-Forgive yourself for past mistakes. Step 2 -Focus on your positive attributes. Step 3 -Follow the example of successful people. Step 4 -Become a self talker.

14 12 Steps to High Self-Esteem
-Exhibit a good attitude. Step 6 -Get plenty of rest. Step 7 -Make your work skills your own Step 8 -Practice your talents

15 12 Steps to High Self-Esteem
-Become physically fit. Step 10 -Learn new things. Step 11 -Improve your personal relationships. Step 12 -Dress well!

16 Let’s share the following basic truths:
You are far more competent than you can imagine. You are far more lovable than you think. You are the primary source of your self-esteem. You are the master of your destiny. You choose your thoughts and feelings. You are okay just the way you are. No one is perfect: we have strengths and weaknesses. What makes the difference is who you think you are.

17 MAKING AFFIRMATIONS Examples of affirmations I love myself.
Keep them short, simple and specific. State them positively. State them in the present not in the future. Express them with strong feelings. State the affirmations daily. State realistic affirmations and within your control. Examples of affirmations I love myself. I am confident. I’m getting better and better everyday. I speak well in a group.

18 Final Thoughts You are a unique individual. No one else is like you in the whole world. This makes you special already! Our time in this world is limited. Make it happen for you so you leave your mark in history!


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