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Unit 9 How was your weekend? Period 3 What did you do last weekend?

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1 Unit 9 How was your weekend? Period 3 What did you do last weekend?

2 Step I What did you do last weekend? played tennis, on Sunday fternoon went to the movies, Sunday night I played tennis on Sunday afternoon. I went to the movies on Sunday night.

3 visited her grandpa had a party What did _____ do last weekend?

4 Step II New phrases Match the phrases with the picture. played the guitar Studied geography Went to the library

5 Step III Listen and talk. What did Sally and Jim do last weekend? Sally Jim cleaned her roomplayed soccer did her homeworkwent to a movie went to libraryvisited his friends A: What did Sally do last weekend? B: Sally... A: What did Jim do last weekend? B: Jim … Make a conversation:

6 Step IV Complete the passage according the listening. Sally had a busy weekend. She did lots of things. She ____________ and____________, On Sunday, She ___________. For Jim, his weekend was very busy and fun. He _____________ On Saturday morning. On Sunday afternoon, He____________. On Sunday afternoon, he ______________. But this morning wasn’t fun. Because he didn’t do his homework. cleaned her room did her homework went to the library played soccer went to a movie visited his friends

7 Step V Pair work. Ask what you partner did last weekend. Complete the form and report it to us. NameOn SaturdayOn SundayHow was it LindaDid her homework,watched TV Went shoppingGreat Report: ___________had ____a weekend. On Sunday morning, He/She___________, On___________,On____________,He/She ____________.

8 Go to the beach, the movies the mountains, the library, the pool Playsoccer, tennis, volleyball, chess ( 棋 ) , the piano, the guitar, the violin, computer games, sports do my homework, some reading, some washing visit my aunt, my grandfather my friend, my teacher stay at home practice English practice playing the piano study for the math test watch TV (a movie) go shopping go swimming write a new song cook dinner Useful phrases

9 Step V Page 57 3b Look at the pictures and fill in the blanks. I had a busy weekend. On Saturday morning, I cleaned the room. In the afternoon, I did my home work. It was a little difficult. On Saturday night, I visited my aunt. My aunt cooked dinner for me. On Sunday morning, I went to the library. I read a book about history. Then in the afternoon, I played with my friends. On Sunday night, I watched TV. I saw an interesting talk show.

10 Step VI Make a summary and home work. Different people have different weekends. It may be fun, happy,relaxing or busy. And how about your weekend? What did you do last weekend? Homework 1.P57,3a, Read the article. Underline all the past tense verbs. 2.Write a passage with the title "My last weekend”

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