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Warm-up Did you enjoy the song “Days on My Past” ?

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2 Warm-up

3 Did you enjoy the song “Days on My Past” ?

4 Unit 9 How was your weekend? ( Period 1 )

5 Talking T: Imagine she is Jay Chou. And you want to know Jay Chou’s last weekend, what would you say? Ss: T: It was great! And you want to know what Jay Chou did, what would you say? Ss: T: I wrote a new song. How was your weekend? What did you do?

6 Match the activities with the pictures. (1a) 1. did my homework ___ 2. played soccer ___ 3. cleaned my room ___ 4. went to the beach ___ 5. played tennis ____ 6. went to the movies ___ d b f c e a

7 Sunday_____ Saturday _________ ________night _______ morning Sunday _________ Saturday morning night Saturday afternoon Sunday Listen and write the day and “morning”, “afternoon” or “night” below each picture.(1b)

8 Boy: Hey, Lucy. Lucy: Hi, Bob. Bob: How was you weekend? Lucy : It was great. Bob: So, what did you do? Lucy : Well, on Saturday morning I played tennis, on Saturday afternoon I went to the beach, and on Saturday night I went to the movies. Boy: Cool. Lucy: Then, on Sunday morning, I cleaned my room. On Sunday afternoon, I played soccer, and on Sunday night, I did my homework. Tapescript

9 Practice @T S1 S2 S3 S4 S5 @The whole class S6 S7 S8 S9 S10

10 1 、 Divide the class into 4 groups. 2 、 Each group send a student to stand here and face to all of you. 3 、 Then the screen will show a picture. 4 、 And the group members give the student some tips: actions or only one word. 5 、 And if the student answers questions correctly, the group will get one point. Competition

11 What did you do last weekend? I went shopping.

12 What did he do last weekend? He had a birthday party.

13 What did she do last weekend? She did some reading.

14 What did they do last weekend? They played soccer/football.

15 What did you do yesterday? I went to the beach.

16 What did he do yesterday? He visited friends.

17 What did she do yesterday? She did Chinese kung fu.

18 What did they do yesterday? They went swimming.

19 What did you do last night? I did my homework.

20 What did he do last night? He played computer.

21 What did she do last night? She cleaneded the room.

22 What did they do last night? They went to the movies.

23 Survey

24 Writing Write a short passage about the survey we made just now. Structures: On Wednesday afternoon, we made a survey about what our classmates did last weekend. …of us watched TV.I think watching TV is…but watching too much is…. …of us played computer. TV.I think playing computer is…but playing for long hours is…. …of us did homework.We should do our homework first, I think. …of us did housework. It’s a way to help our parents, I think.

25 Sum-up -How was your/his/her weekend? -It was great! good! OK! cool! exciting! interesting! -What did you/he/she do? -I/He/She….

26 do my homework——did my homework play computer——played computer clean my room ——cleaned my room go swimming——went swimming visit my friends ——visited my friends stay at home ——stayed at home have a party ——had a party practice English ——practiced English study for the math test ——studied for the math test

27 regular verbs watch watched dance danced practice practiced play played clean cleaned stay stayed study studied visit visited irregular verbs do didgo wenthave had Pronunciation /t//t/ /d//d/ / id /

28 Draw pictures about what you did last weekend. Write the past forms of verbs and the past time in the picture.

29 Yesterday Once More When I was young I'd listen to the radio, waiting for my favorite songs. When they played I'd sing along. It made me smile. Those were such happy times and not so long ago. How I wondered where they'd gone, but they're back again just like a long lost friend. All the songs I love so well.


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